Z regains her cat

Eloise cat has finally remembered that she loves me too. Cats are mercurial toddlers at heart. A short attention span, except when it isn’t. Loving and devoted until they’re distracted and then you might not see them for days. A favourite sunbathing spot for weeks and then they forget it exists. Stock up on their favourite food and it’s impossible for them ever to eat it again – not that this latter applies to Eloise cat, but Rose certainly finds it with Rummy.

Eloise tended to curl up on Tim more than me, latterly, as he had to rest more. She also took to Wink and spent a lot of time through with her. She’s been very anxious at Tim’s absence and clearly unhappy, but though she wasn’t unfriendly, she didn’t turn to me. She’s been on her own more, spending time outside and sleeping on a spare bed or somewhere, I didn’t usually know. I’ve missed her, it’s made things even sadder for me.

Last night, I couldn’t be bothered to cook, which isn’t unusual at present. Scouting around for something easy but reasonably nutritious, I found a tin of sardines. Sardines on toast, with a shaking of Tabasco, it was ready in minutes. In came Eloise cat. I put a morsel of sardine, because there’s enough here for today too, on a plate and onto the floor and she loved it, unsurprisingly. Second helping was eaten and she remembered that she loved me too. So, once I’d had my supper and cleared away, she got on my lap and stayed there.

I wanted to go to bed, but not to disturb her. She nestled in to me and didn’t want to move. Finally, at nearly midnight, she woke and looked blearily at me, so I picked her up, switched off lights and took her upstairs. She had a drink while I hastily got ready for bed and then she curled up next to me. It was the greatest comfort I’ve had since Tim died. She was there all night and, every time I woke up, I reached out to touch her and then went back to sleep

She shared my poached egg this morning and has gone to do whatever cats do. Wince and I managed to take down the gazebo, which is substantial – it was Dave’s from when he had the coffee business. It’s a heavy job for two people, not possible for someone on their own. Now he’s trimming long grass and generally tidying up.

I’ve written lists and will start assembling stuff to take.

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