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I’d got a Nationwide savings account but, though it was a joint account and it had been put in my name after Russell died, I’d not used it, nor did I know how to. I’ve also got a credit card, but when I tried to log in on the app, it said I’d already given them my email and phone number and it was a phone number I haven’t had for years and years.

I don’t like the phone. At one time, I might have considered it a phobia, but I’ve got better. I still have to steel myself to use it for anything but the most frivolous social call. But I rang Nationwide and, as so often happens, the reality is much better than I’d expected. Long/short, I was able to update my number, I’ve logged in and discovered I’ve £1,000 in that account – wahay! – and I’ve investigated the account that Blue Witch recommended in the comments the other day. It seems to suit, but I couldn’t deal with it online. Things like, what are your regular outgoings such as mortgage or rent? I don’t have either, so do I put nothing or otherwise, what? There’s still a branch in the next town, so I’ll go over there. I’ve cancelled the automatic update of my travel insurance in the meantime. I’ve also insured my electric bike, with public liability and all. And I did something else that I can’t quite remember at the moment.

The old chicken greenhouse has been taken down – for anyone who thinks I could have given it away, it really wasn’t fit. There was a lot of rot and no one would have taken it on. The barn cats were quite put out as they liked climbing onto its roof, as did Eloise cat. But I now have a large empty space and I’m not quite sure what to do with it. There’s no hurry. I’ve also got a big heap of muck that I need to barrow across to where I’m planting vegetables and raspberry canes. No hurry there either as the weather forecast is not good.

But at least I biked into Yagnub this morning to go to the greengrocer and whole food shop. So I have all the healthy foods nailed. Apparently, naked barley (???) flakes are a whole lot better than porridge oats, so that’ll be what I’m moving on to, on formerly porridge or muesli days.

I’m still getting used to the electric bike. It’s the same as any bike to ride, but I seem to have to be less casual with which gear I’m in. Sailing up the hill towards the old post office is a good feeling, though. On a bad day, I used to have to get off, halfway up, and push. The bike is a bit heavy and unwieldy to push and turn when I’m pushing, but I’ll get used to it soon.

3 comments on “Still doing admin

  1. Scarlet Blue

    Put a big fat zero on that form for the mortgage part. Regular outgoings – does that also cover council tax? They’ll probably ring you if they don’t like what you’ve entered.
    I also hate the phone. You’re the only person I’ve come across who understands.

    1. Z Post author

      Turned out that it was zero all round.

      I always – like the young people – text or message my offspring to forewarn them if I want to phone, we all do it. It’s so much more reassuring.


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