Safely gathered in…

It only took a couple of hours to empty the two vans. Rob and Simon are quick workers and I helped too, because I’m not very good at watching people and not pitching in. It’s surprising how much stuff Wink has. Her back sitting room/spare bedroom/etc is crammed full and it’s a very big room, but there are a lot of boxes that will be emptied into cupboards and shelves. The rest of the house is pretty uncluttered, because she needs to have some tranquil space to live in, even if it’s only a few rooms.

She had two sofas and they weren’t very old, but she really only wanted one of them, so we’ve swapped chairs for the spare one. It took a while to get an arrangement of furniture that we liked, but it’s done now. Eloise cat is thrilled with the new arrangement. She spent a while asleep on my lap and then, when I went upstairs for a bath, she settled down in my place and has been there for the last four hours. My sofa, she’s clearly saying. All MINE.

The chickens have been good humoured so far about being shut in, but stir craziness will set in soon, I suppose. They’ll get used to it, especially when we get bad weather. When I went down this morning, one anxious chicken was outside – evidently, she’d missed the shutting in moment yesterday. Luckily, as she was only one, she was keen to get in with the others and have her breakfast, so there was no difficulty. It was apparent that the chickens eat quite a lot of the cats’ food as their plates from the morning weren’t empty tonight. Sorry as I am for the chooks, it will be easier now with them safely inside.

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