Raining again

If only builders would turn up – that’s the trouble with knowing them personally and also not being one to nag. People expect to be nagged and it’s not my way. But I hope no rain is coming in at present.

The auction went well, I thoroughly enjoyed it and am still attempting to negotiate the sale of a couple more pieces. If I can, that will be great. But we’ll see – 80% of lots sold and I’m happy with that. One client sent me a cheque for the pieces he hoped to buy – my face fell as he assumed he’d buy them all at his maximum price and that’s what he put. Of course, it was not going to happen so neatly, nor had he added anything for postage – but, in the event, he only bought one piece, though it’s a nice one, so he owes me over £3,000 less than the cheque was made out for.

Sadly, I put away the cheque very safely and I’ve no idea where. I’ve looked where I thought it was and found the empty envelope. i’ve also found the card on which he wrote the bids. Why on earth I didn’t keep them together, I don’t remember. Of course, he blithely asked for his cheque back so he could tear it up and write another one. I’m going to have to phone (he must be in his 90s and not online) and confess. Ho hum. I really need a PA. I do have something of an excuse for being absent-minded, I was unexpectedly taken up, being helpful with a friend’s disarrayed life, while Wink was away – I will be free to talk about that eventually, but not yet. It was very distracting, though not at all a burden – and the reason I was turning out the study.

We had a bonfire party last Saturday, as that suited the family better than this weekend. I’d only picked up Wink from Norwich (home from India) that afternoon, so she felt somewhat spaced out after a very long journey. But it went very well, with 15 of us – some extended family but minus Weeza and co, who were having a few days away for half term. I’d taken them (Weeza etc) out for lunch a couple of Sundays earlier, as I wouldn’t have seen them for a couple of months otherwise.

Squiffany came along on Saturday, which was really great as I hadn’t seen her since early September, before she started university. She’s having a good time – a very good social life, anyway, I didn’t ask about her maths course, because I didn’t intend to be a boring grandmother and I’m most pleased that she’s happy, making friends and feeling at home. Everyone in the hall of residence gets on well and they’re already looking for two houses to share next year – they’d like to be quite close, one for boys and one for girls (the girls say the boys are too untidy….) and remain a social group. Though it’s early days, of course and if anyone changes their mind, there will be plenty of time to get a replacement, I’m sure. She’s been too busy to go home and visit her parents, anyway.

I have a great wish to watch old films at present, because I went to a talk on the subject today, which was very enjoyable. Before I start searching for them, I’ll go and feed the cats, because it’s not raining much at present. There’s even some blue sky.

Apart from the two pieces I’m still waiting to hear from a potential buyer about and two that haven’t yet been paid for (one with the missing but safe cheque), all I have to do is the income and expenses sheet and then that’s that for a few years. Though I already have some pieces booked in for next October, so am toying with the radical idea of starting the spreadsheet now, to get ahead. I may yet come to my senses, though.

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  1. Blue Witch

    If only builders would turn up – that’s the trouble with knowing them personally and also not being one to nag.

    I can confirm that it makes not one jot of difference whether one knows them, or nags or not, they are all the same, as far as I can see. Unreliable and uncommunicative. The only thing they do in a timely manner is submit their bills.

    I still can’t beleive that Squiffany is old enough to be at university!


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