New WheelZ

I’m back on the road again, thank goodness.  Yesterday, Wonderful Roses ferried me around Suffolk and Norfolk and today Lovely Tim escorted me to the car salesroom in Norwich to buy another car.

I was straightforward, explained what I wanted – which is the sort of thing that is not necessarily put on the specifications, such as a fairly high (but not too high) driver’s seat and a boot big enough for hay bales.  Since I wanted an automatic, I knew the selection wouldn’t be wide and limited my requirements as far as possible, and three cars were duly put forward at fairly wildly differing prices.  It so happened that I chose the middle-priced one, the whole thing took about three hours but was simply done and I came home with it.

So that’s all right.

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  1. Z Post author

    It’s a Hyundai I30, 1600 engine, automatic transmission, colour is silver. Not hard to be decisive when it’s the only chance I’d realistically have to get a car this side of Christmas.


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