I’ve had a message from Linda’s (Zig’s) daughters to say that she died last night.  Sad as we all will be, we must not regret her death, only the awful illness that caused it.  She was a wonderful woman, as all of you will know who read her blog, both in previous, happier times and more recently when she confronted her illness, hopes and fears with such bravery.

I couldn’t have done it – perhaps I could be stoical, but I couldn’t dare to hope as she did.  She said to me, back in the summer, that she didn’t truly believe she was dying.  It isn’t something your brain can comprehend, not really, she said.  She had no religious faith but still hoped for a miracle, taking on all the medical intervention available to keep herself alive and active for as long as possible.  The course of chemotherapy she started about five weeks ago was against all sensible odds, but she said that she couldn’t just lie there waiting to die.  She would rather try and keep hoping, even if the medicine killed her.

Her friend Henrietta died earlier this year of the same cancer, unable to eat for the final six weeks.  Effectively, she starved to death.  That end was what Linda feared.  She didn’t have it.  In that respect, she died as she would have wanted to – except that she didn’t want to die.

The lovely people at the hospice cared for her wonderfully and her daughters are amazing.  I don’t know how they have borne it all, but they gave Zig everything.  They never cried, so we mustn’t either.

I’m so glad that Tim and I had lunch with her last Friday.  They’ve been wanting to meet for so long, having known each other through blogging and through me – though they have both been here for a blog party, it was in different years.  Linda was going to come here, complete with her whole menagerie, to spend the summer with me, but she needed another emergency operation and it was not possible.  We both regretted that so much.  Mig has been a wonderful friend to her and visited regularly, being an hour away.  She had a lot of good friends, she was very much loved.

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  1. chairwoman ros

    Big hugs. Yes, Eddie was the same, no real faith, yet belief in the miracle. He was someone who, denied the education he deserved, became a self-taught philosopher. Over the past few months, I am comforted by something he believed.

    Why should their have to be belief in a deity for there to be a life hereafter? Although his faith had lapsed a long time ago, he firmly believed that we would all meet again in a better place.

    1. Rog

      Bugger! What a loss of a lovely lady full of vitality and humour throughout her horrible illness. Well done you and Mig for getting down to see her and helping keeping her so stoical. At least she can now sit down with Kaz and put the world in its place. RIP Ziggi.

    2. Z Post author

      I’m so sorry about Eddie. The loss is almost too hard to bear, but there isn’t any choice. Going forward is the only gift left, perhaps.

    3. Kathy

      Oh Zoe, you have hit the nail on the head. Our lovely Linda was s ballsy lady! I am sure you and Mig will miss her humour and friendship as much as I do. Kathy x

  2. Blue Witch

    The power of PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) personified.

    RIP Zig, and my thoughts are with her family, and friends.

    I’m so glad that you managed to get to see her last week Z.

  3. Liz

    RIP Ziggi. My thoughts are with her family and friends, especially Zoe and Mig who I know were so fond of her. She was fortunate to have such good friends.

    I like Rog’s idea that there is an afterlife for bloggers.

  4. pete

    oh that’s so sad . someone I knew via facebook died suddenly recently and she too faced adversity with real spirit…… reminds me I really should get so wound up unimportant things and should enjoy life.

  5. Z Post author

    I am going to enjoy life too, come what may. Friendship and love are what bind us all, that’s our strength. I’d like to be a fly on the wall next to Kaz and Zig, that’s for sure.

  6. Keith

    That was a lovely tribute Zed. It’s always sad to hear of a death, a life no longer being lived, even if it is someone you’ve never met, as in my case, but enjoyed reading their blog. I must admit I never commented, perhaps I should have made myself known.


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