Darlings, I was talking online early this morning with Zig’s sister, who was at the hospice with Zig’s daughters, at her bedside.  It’s not likely she will pull through this time.  The kind hospice people do all they can for their patients and their families, and Zig’s spaniel, Indi, is lying on her bed.  Indi is a wise and knowing little dog and understands that Ziggi is dying and it’s good for her to be there.

She could rally and wake up, but it’s more probable that she won’t and will slip away.  I won’t write again until there’s news one way or the other.

With love, Zoë

4 comments on “Bedside

  1. Kopper

    Thank you for the update. Though I never met Zig in person, it was a pleasure reading her blog as well as your stories about her.

    1. chairwoman ros

      Such sad news, Zoe dear. My very close friend, Eddie, died, a few months ago, in a Hospice. We talked every evening. I miss him dreadfully. May Zig drift away to a peaceful, pain and care free place.

      And may her God go with her.


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