I phoned the warranty people, which was fine, and then attempted to phone the garage.  It’s bad enough when no one answers the telephone, but there was a recorded message saying that an answer would be had in about a minute, which was repeated indefinitely.  I could not hang on forever, there were things to do and so it actually took me more than two hours before I spoke to someone.  And the company, which should have been contacted by the garage, hasn’t phoned me back, so I’ve got no confidence that the message got across.  Still there’s always tomorrow.

Bored with this darlings, can’t be bothered with further explanations.

This afternoon, I’ve mostly listened to music.  And this evening I seem to have committed to clarinet lessons in the new year,  Since I’ve been saying I’ll do this for a long time – several years – it’s not that dramatic, yet it’s a big step towards optimism for me.  Sadly, I’m a bit rubbish at present and it’ll require a lot of work, but I feel that I’m going to have the capacity for it and it’s now or never.  And if it’s never, it’ll be up to me to recognise and accept it.

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