Mulled whines

I have just ordered a case of our local wine, with great hopefulness. I’m sure I’ve told you before about the village vineyard – it’s a great story, so I’ll check back that I have – and that they have a club. You pay a subscription, which is a couple of hundred pounds or so, and get a dozen bottles, tours of the vineyard whenever you want, plus 10% off whatever extra you buy. Lovely Hannah and Ben are winning awards all over the place, their wines are sold by Berry Bros & Rudd, served at Fortnum & Mason, and they’re well worth the £15 or so price tag. If you want to know more, google Flint Vineyard.

Wink is here for the extended weekend and we went out to lunch today, to a pub about 20 minutes drive away that we haven’t been to for a while. It had served very good food, but had changed hands a while ago and we hadn’t been back since. We were impressed – chose two sharing platters and ate rather too much, actually, though I don’t find that too hard.

Having been away for a few days, we half expected Eloise cat to cold-shoulder us for a day or two. However, she has been particularly loving. I’ve noticed a change in her over the past few months. She’s always been a sweet-natured little cat, never known to lash out or be suddenly temperamental, but she has always had a take-it-or-leave-it air and might be very affectionate, or hardly be seen for a day or two. Now, she spends a lot of her time sitting on my lap or Tim’s, and is very affectionate. She’s not in the room right now, as it happens, but I’m pretty sure she’s having a nap on the dressing room bed, ready to prowl around later tonight.

Rose has been away for a few days as Lawrence has been receiving treatment at the Royal Marsden. Rummy, lovingly, caught a big female rat to welcome them home and left it on their lawn. What a sweetheart he is. We haven’t seen RasPutin for a couple of weeks, which is nothing to be alarmed about – it simply means that he is catching plenty of food for himself. He was sleekly well fed, last time I saw him.

The title of the post is stolen shamelessly, it being the best name for a blog ever.

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