Z and the blustery day

Having enquired, I was sent the invoice for the membership of the wine club, which wasn’t actually due until next month. However, I’ve paid it, as it’ll do more good in their cashflow than my bank’s.

It’s been a blustery day. On the other side of the road from us, there is now a building site. It’s a triangular field, about a couple of acres or so, and 16 bungalows are destined to be built on it. As equipment and materials have been brought in, a metal fence has been erected. I popped into town to buy lunch stuff from the deli and, returning ten minutes later, the fence had blown over and was leaning exuberantly over the road. Not surprising really, but I’m glad it didn’t happen when I was driving by.

Later, we went over to Southwold to meet Alex and co for afternoon tea. We hadn’t quite appreciated how substantial that would be and didn’t actually need dinner tonight. It was jolly good, a real treat – starting with sandwiches, sausage rolls, scotch egg etc and going on to scones and cake, and we’ve brought back a doggy bag with what we couldn’t manage. The rest of the family is coming over for lunch tomorrow, as Wink is here.

It’s Squiffany’s fourteenth birthday the week after next. When she was born, I hadn’t started blogging, though I did blog her first birthday party. I asked her, today, if there was anything in particular she would like for her birthday present or, frankly, would she prefer money? She admitted that she couldn’t think of anything. So I’ll take that hint. I’ll be fine with giving cash from now on, which I think is very acceptable for teenagers and from then on. One can’t have too much of it, after all, at that age.

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