Locking down and opening up

Hmm. The Johnson seems to have lost his nerve and all arrangements are up in the air again. However, going on the assumption that we won’t go back into lockdown, we’re inclined to crack on with the blog party and assume that it’ll be fine weather. If so, we’ll be happy to be outside and, if not, we’ll go indoors in relays. Wink can take six and so can we and there’s a gazebo. And we can take four overnight guests and she can have two. After that, it’s tents on the lawn. Sorted.

I met Rose for lunch yesterday, which was lovely – I’ve seen her a couple of times on her doorstep in the last month, but we haven’t had a good get-together for ages. She wanted to know about the drawing, which has come to a halt in the last couple of weeks, since the weather has been hot. So has music. But both she and Tim, separately, were very encouraging and I feel, if not inspired, at least heartened. The piano was tuned yesterday and, egged on by LT, I played it for half an hour today and then had a bash – or a pluck – at the guitar, today. The piano went rather better than the other, actually, but at least I still remember how to read a tab. I probably need to start again from scratch with the drawing. Dammit. Rose suggests arty get-togethers, which is terrifying and a very good idea. It’ll be fun. Perhaps…

Rose says she’s become quite reclusive and lunch with me was the first time she’d been out with a friend this year. I know just how she feels, it’s really much more comfortable to be content at home. But we do need to fight that. It’s all too easy for me, but I know it’s better for me to be sociable. Even if I don’t feel that I need it, I’m better for it. And I miss my friends. I’m glad that I have friends, come to that.

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    1. Z Post author

      I wish she would write again. I think she would enjoy it, once she got back into the way of it. Now I think about it, I haven’t even seen her about on Facebook this week.


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