Here’s my website – the auction is this coming Wednesday –

And here is my lovely dog. And here. Christophe is taking part in an exhibition in early November, which is the reason he doesn’t have much for sale on his website. I hope to go, once I’ve got the sale over, I can think about when I’ll be free. It’ll be at the Morley Gallery on Westminster Bridge Road from 1st to 11th November – their website only gives past exhibitions, not future ones, which is a nuisance. But I should be able to fit it in with a visit to the National Gallery.

Here, for the last couple of days, it’s been all about flooding. Inside the house as well as out – I have that sort of house, but nothing that a couple of towels couldn’t deal with. Not immediately round the village, but not far away, roads have been impassable and, apparently, it’s got worse today as water has rushed down the river from upstream. Yesterday, Al and Dilly had to pick the boys up from school as the bus couldn’t get through. Al has a sturdy pick-up truck but kept having to turn back and it took a long time and several detours before they arrived at the school. Neither of them could check emails while at work, so they didn’t know early enough for a relatively safe passage. But they arrived home safely in the end.

Meanwhile, I was at the local theatre, to see this trio, who were fabulous. There were spaces in the theatre, I know more tickets were sold because I’d booked fairly late and was the last person on my row, but there were four seats unoccupied. As i said, a lot of roads were blocked by flood water, so it was understandable and we all just clapped louder.

Links are not doing well, so two clicks may be needed. But I expect you’ll manage, if you want to.

The chimney decided to smoke tonight, which drove me out to the kitchen. It seems to be all right now, but it’s annoying. The room still smells faintly of soot.

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  1. 63mago

    Thank you for the auction website, these objects are always lovely to look at. And a lot of work went into the presentation. I do not know whether it is adequate to wish the best before an auction – maybe there is superstition involved similar to the actors, after all it is a theater too ? So I keep it safe, and stay with the good old “Hals- und Beinbruch”.
    And thank you for the Italian guitarreros.Interesting to see that they mention Pastorius on their website. I listened to some Weather Report lately, where Pastorius played bass.


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