Keeping events in order

I’m in Reading again and the next few days will be busy.

Today, I drove down and the journey was uneventful, though I’d woken to snowfall. The roads were wet for the first part of my journey, so I had to wash the windscreen constantly. And the sun was in my eyes the whole time, so the journey was no pleasure at all.

Tomorrow morning, I’ll take the car to the garage for the winter wheels to be put on. I hope that won’t take past lunchtime, not sure whether I’ll come back in the meantime or just take a book and hang around.

On Saturday, I’m going to Leicestershire to see John Greenwood, formerly of Publog, for his old dad’s wake. I’ve booked into a local guest house for the night. Then, on Sunday, I’ll drive down to Mig (Come Out To Play) and Barney for lunch, then back here again. Monday, the car is going to have a winter service and various things done to the brakes. Fiona will bring me back here from the garage and is kindly going to help me with more sorting out. We hope to take some things down to the recycling centre and I’ll also decide which of Tim’s books I’ll want to keep. On Tuesday or Wednesday, I’ll come home again.

I’ve brought a load of paperwork with me and have made a modest start, but need to do a lot more. At least I’ve sent in the electricity and gas meter readings and spoken to the estate agent again.

Too much is going awry and I am not ready to talk about it. It’s not about me, in this instance. One thing is that I will, if possible, bring my Atlanta visit forward to late January. Depends on what travel is possible, so decisions can’t be made yet.

It’s only 9.30, but I think that a bath and early bed are a good idea. I’ll made a cup of herb tea and read in the bath for a while.

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