Good things

Zain has recognised that he’s on to a good thing. He’s as affectionate as ever and nags me to feed him. First Betty Kitten warmed to him, then Freddy, but Barney, the most timid barn cat, stayed away for a couple of days. This morning, I fed Barney on top of the shed and then this evening, finally, all four cats ate together.

The big brown hen that I call Gladstone didn’t come back this evening. I suspect she’s sitting. I really don’t want more chicks but, if I don’t find her in the next few days, I won’t have the heart to remove her from developing chicks in their eggs. I’ll have a search tomorrow. But, checking at dusk in case she was waiting to go into the greenhouse, I had a look in the coop where I’m putting down food for the hedgehog – and there it was, tucking into dinner. I put a plate of tinned cat food and a raw whole egg every night. It can eat the latter or roll it away to eat later or share with its babies, if it’s a mummy hedgehog.

A friend, who used to live in the village, asked me for suggestions for local places to visit, as friends of hers are going to be in the area next week. This is the good side of Facebook. I could recommend places to eat but I don’t know what other attractions are open. I’ve been given a dozen good ideas, which i’ve passed on. We may well check out a few of them ourselves – booking is usually necessary nowadays, but then you have the reassurance that you won’t arrive and find the place busier than you’re comfortable with.

I really must put up some photos. I think I can work out how to do it. Last time I tried, it wouldn’t let me, but I’ve got a workaround. It was baby granddaughter Perdita’s six month anniversary yesterday. She is so very cute.

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