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I’ve bought a Ford Focus. Boring, I know, but there we are. I’m quite accepting of my boring status. It’s useful and I value usefulness. Three and a bit years old, the various things I wanted are there and a few more I don’t understand yet and, having been a Motability car, it’s got an absurdly low mileage. Many disabled people really need their cars but don’t go far in them.

Simon the greengrocer posted on Facebook that he’d got a lot of leftover strawberries, he’d put them outside and anyone was free to help themselves. So I did. Tim and I have hulled and weighed them and jam will be made in the morning. I had to go to the Co op to buy sugar, though. I hadn’t any white sugar at all and needed some for redcurrant jelly and raspberry jam too.

We don’t really have sweet tooths and are far more inclined to make chutneys and relishes. I’ve left the courgettes to turn into marrows, I’m afraid, and will have to deal with them – which may be by whizzing them into a pulp for the chickens. Rose and her family assured me they were keen to eat all the vegetables I could grow, weeks before they decided to move out, which has left me with a surplus I can’t keep tabs on. So never mind. Do what I can and don’t worry about the rest.

Wink is arriving tomorrow for a week, which we’re looking forward to very much. A friend who used to live in the village emailed me, asking for suggestions for places to visit. Friends are going to be staying nearby and asked her for advice. But she’s out of touch and, at this time, so am I. I asked on the local facebook page for suggestions and got lots of them, which I’ve passed on – and some of them are really interesting and I think we might go there too. Booking ahead is required, which is fine actually. Nice to know there won’t be crowds.

But, after all this, the main news from my end is that I have visited the dental hygienist. This appointment was first deferred by three months and then for a couple more days, and wasn’t with the person I have seen previously. Likewise, my six-month dental check-up became nine months and then an extra three weeks. But anyway, Natalie (or something like that name) said that people have either been assiduous or resigned, and I’m clearly in the first category and my teeth look pretty good. I’m relieved. There are still a lot of restrictions on what dentists may do and I don’t want to fall into some sort of oubliette, whereby there’s nothing in between extraction and oblivion.

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  1. Kestrel

    I am not into sweet stuff too, but can never resist a slice of lemon cheese cake. Not counted as it is not sweet! Luckily I had a chip tooth and visited the dentist just before lock down in March. She advised me to also do scaling and a filling for one tooth. Now I am good for another 10 YEARS – dentists aren’t my favourite folks!!

  2. PixieMum

    We have had quite a few Motability cars, they always seem to be top of the range, well maintained and as you say, low mileage. Ford cars are a good choice too, no problem obtaining parts if needed, for many years we had Ford Escorts, predecessor of the Focus as Ian’s company car, very reliable and we then bought them, later they went to a cousin who drove many miles more.


  3. Scarlet

    You see, there’s the thing, I am slightly overdue with my regular, once every 10 years, dental appointment, and now I have toothache. I am facing oblivion. My get-out clause is that I don’t have toothache at all, and instead I have jaw ache due to clenching my teeth when I sleep. Anyhow, since sleeping in a different position the pain has eased and I can at least eat soft food.

  4. Z Post author

    I’m very careful about my teeth, go for checkups and hygienist too, every six months. Still, I’m sure tooth grinding and clenching is the only problem. But you ten year people make me anxious!

    As you say, PixieMum, easy to get parts for a Ford. And it’s roomy, we proved this afternoon.

  5. allotmentqueen

    I have an unspoken arrangement with my dentist. She looks at my mouth, agrees that I will gag (I do that very readily) if she tries to do X-rays, that really there is not much wrong with my teeth (maybe some minor filling could be done) and that I should come back in six months. She is now on maternity leave and so far no-one has attempted to contact me. I’m hoping it’s going to stay that way for some time.

    1. Z Post author

      I have the feeling that I’m more obsessive than I think I am. At least I’ve let go of the monthly haircuts. And I can’t be arsed to wear makeup at all any more. Teeth, ears and eyes are still paramount, but I have a huge disinclination to ever visit the doctor, even if I should.


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