Catching up

We had a 6 mile walk on the Pembrokeshire coast path yesterday afternoon. It kept fine, remarkably, though it was very windy and it was quite a long way for me, I don’t normally do distance. Good, though. Then we went back to Alan and Linda’s house and A made chicken curry for dinner. Rashid from the taxi company took me back to the caravan – I had to explain that I’d left my cash in the caravan and dashed up to fetch it. I’d barely made it home again when the rain bucketed down, I was very lucky.

I had the choice of coming back here today or tomorrow. I hurried around to do the chores at the caravan and left after an earlyish lunch, to get back at half past seven. Wink had got dinner ready for me, the darling.

Now, 10 o’clock and I’m tired. I’d turned off the Aga before I left, which probably almost paid for the petrol, so had to remember to turn on the immersion heater when I arrived back. So I’ll have a bath, try not to fall asleep in it and have an early night.

Tomorrow, I need to cancel the rest of the utilities and generally get my act together, because I’ve got a lot on for the rest of the week. Actually, it’ll be busy for the next six weeks. That’s okay, being too busy is good.

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