Z gets wet

Friday evening

I walked through the tunnels to Saundersfoot after lunch, then walked again – it had rained a bit this afternoon but turned more blustery, so I retreated to the caravan, removed wet clothes and put on a bathrobe. 

I had a dram as an aperitif and, at present, a Marks & Spencer quiche is in the oven – cheese, tomato and broccoli – while I’m cooking a few new potatoes that need using and probably the last asparagus of the year. Another dram of Laphroaig to come, I expect. 

Lovely to see my in-laws, their friend and his German Shepherd, Nina (Simone). I’m going for a walk with them tomorrow, weather permitting and then for dinner in the evening. 

I’m unwinding, possibly. Not presuming anything. Missing Tim worse than ever, but that can’t be helped.  

Saturday morning

The night didn’t go well. I was tired, went to bed early and slept soundly until about 11.30. That was it. I got up to make peppermint tea a few hours later, that didn’t help. 

On the way to Kilgetty to buy a paper, first I passed a nice old couple going for a stroll with their his’n’hers Zimmer frames. Then a jogger, someone walking his dog and then another walker. I politely slowed down each time, they politely thanked me with a wave and I waved back. Cheered, I sang “Oh what a beautiful morning” for the rest of the journey. And so it is, blue sky and a fresh, but not cold breeze. It’s been a wild night, though, some torrential rain. Though, beating on a caravan roof, it might not have been quite as heavy as it sounded. 

Windy from 11, the forecast says, then rain after 4 this afternoon.

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