Zzzzz, mostly

I’m not sure what went awry today. I woke up and lay feeling tired for a while, then the Sage brought me a cup of tea and said he was going out, I fell asleep again and resurfaced to find it was ten to ten, and I was supposed to be in the church at ten o’clock helping to make posies. Surprising how quickly you can be dressed and ready when you need to be. I considered going out without make-up until I looked in the mirror. Frankly, dreadful.

I called to say hello to Gill and Andy afterwards. They have moved house, to just round the corner. This will be much better for him as it’s a bungalow and there is no step so he can get out easily. He’s walking a lot better, but needs a wheelchair to go any distance. It’s half the size of their last house, they’ve some adjusting to do, but they won’t be short of friends dropping in!

After lunch, I was exhausted again and slept for ages. I don’t know how long, between one and two hours. I have no idea why, I’ve had a cold all week but there’s been nothing out of the ordinary. After that, I made cakes – butterfly buns – and we took them through to say Happy Birthday to Al. Thirty-five, blimey.

The Sage misses his laptop dreadfully. He only uses it for the Internet. Without it, he is having to talk to me. But, after all these years, what more is there to say? He was pleased about the cakes though.

11 comments on “Zzzzz, mostly

  1. Z

    I’m fine now thanks, but no broadband – still using my phone. I’m not looking forward to Monday morning when a lot of work normally comes in!

  2. Christopher

    You may find a Mr Stanislas, the Bishop’s secretary, calling on you this afternoon. You may wish to make appropriate arrangements for his reception. I don’t know if he likes butterfly cakes or not, but as you value your life on no account should you offer him bagels.

  3. PixieMum

    Tiredness is a symptom of a lack of B12, sometimes, as in Ian’s case the body doesn’t manufacture it.

    He has B12 injections every couple of months after which he’s full of energy again.

  4. Z

    Dave had a very nasty viral infection a year and a half ago, and was warned that full recovery would take two years – or was it longer, Dave? I think I was just a bit under the weather because of a bad cold and not enough sleep. I’m fine now and keeping fingers crossed.

    Remarkably, the broadband connection has come back on, though not the phone, so I’ll make the most of it and email out documents in case it goes again.

  5. yaya

    All that tiredness doesn’t sound good, perhaps a checkup is needed? Sorry, it’s the medical person in me! When I was reading all that you’ve been doing I thought maybe that’s why you’re so tired! Hope you feel better soon!

  6. Z

    Thank you, Yaya – I’ll see how it goes, I’m not normally tired – which was why I mentioned it, it’s so unusual. It could be simply that I needed to catch up with sleep. I feel very well and not at all tired today.


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