Z is back on line

I have no idea why my internet connection returned of its own accord when the phone still doesn’t work, but I’m glad it did.  At least I’ve been able to email out all the papers I actually had worked on, but it was probably assumed I was making excuses about.  I don’t do that – if I haven’t done the work I say so.  Although I usually have, if a bit last-minute.

Mind you, my definition of last-minute isn’t really right up to the wire.  i plan a day in hand for unexpected problems, and I include a few intentions that I know can be jettisoned if necessary. It helps, of course, that I have extremely low standards, so that I’m quite satisfied with a level of doneness that probably would be the starting point for most people.

We had a very jolly meal together, all eleven of us, to celebrate Al’s birthday yesterday, Weeza’s tomorrow and Mothers’ Day today.  I haven’t felt tired in the least and my cold suddenly left me this evening, so I’m going to put yesterday’s lassitude down to not breathing properly for several days.  I should say, I hardly ever feel in the least ill  – the occasional cold or whatever excepted – and am lucky enough to be really healthy, as is the Sage.  The last year has been wonderful for me and I’ve appreciated every day since my hip operation.  It was only once I recovered from it that I realised for how long it had held me back, particularly in the final year or so when I was aware of every step I took and its discomfort.  Even so, I was grateful that it was just physical wear to a replaceable joint, not illness and not something I had to bear forever.  So take no notice if I whinge, I don’t really mean it.

I’m sorry, I’m terribly dull tonight.  I shall try to sparkle tomorrow.  Um.  Okay.  Goodnight, darlings.  I’ll have to backdate this to before midnight again.  Whoops.  Time for bed.

9 comments on “Z is back on line

  1. Z

    I know now that I blocked most of it and didn’t acknowledge it, which was probably the best thing. My friend John advised me never to think or describe myself as being in constant pain. “it will be your identity,” he said.

    Broadband down again today. We were lucky to have yesterday’s respite to catch up with things.

  2. Mike and Ann

    P.S. I’m sorry to hear of your bad experience with jugged hare Z, because I think a well hung, well jugged hare is the best meat on Godd’s earth. In fact if you ever want to swap your jugged hare for my brussel sprouts we have a deal.
    Regards, Mike.

  3. Z

    The Sage and I were on our way somewhere many years ago, stopped for lunch and were tempted by something we’d never tried before. A bit daft really, as we’d never eaten there before either – it was inedible!


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