Quack wobble

I’m afraid that our Internet connection has gone down too, now. So I’m reduced to the phone on a slow connection. A lot of websites aren’t very geared up to mobile phone use and it takes a long time to get anything done. I have really been quite frustrated and felt rather the fool of April.

Still, happy birthday to my friends Avril and Jo, neither of whom is likely to read this, and things improved this evening when I went out with Al, Dilly and Squiffany to a fundraiser at the village school. We had a good time (you may work out from the heading the sort of evening it was, perhaps?) and I won an Easter egg and Squiff won a chocolate cow and some Body Shop fripperies.

The phone and broadband won’t be back on until Tuesday. I’ve had incoming calls transferred to my mobile – my just deserts for enjoying peace and quiet, I suppose. The company I use has much better reception than the Sage’s here, which I hadn’t realised when I took out his contract, so it makes sense for my phone to be used. I shall be sweet and adorable and leave it with him, if possible, when I’m out.

I may not be visiting much, however, as a consequence. Sorry, everyone.

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  1. Mike and Ann

    Problems on blog seem to be general. I think mine is going to be photoless for a while as my Picasa kit seems to be playing up. From Pat’s blog (Past Imperfect) I gather that she has the same problem. Anyway, for the immediate future I’m afraid that mine will be mainly verbal. On the other hand, so are yours usually, and I enjoy those immensely, so why not?
    Regards, Mike and Ann.


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