Zwinds down for the holiday

Well, the good thing is that Weeza’s present, which I only got around to ordering on Monday night, has arrived.  The firm didn’t email me to say that they’d despatched it, and since I wasn’t here when it arrived, the even better thing is that Dilly happened to be at home to receive the parcel, as otherwise I’d have to go to Norwich to fetch it.

A long morning at school and then over to the crematorium, half an hour’s drive away, for the funeral of a lady I never met but whose daughter I’ve known slightly for many years.  No time in between for shopping for dinner, so we’ve had fish and chips, which were excellent.  We’ve got good chippies here anyway, but they got it just right this time and there were only a few pieces left for Tilly.

The sun came out and warmed the greenhouse sufficiently to do the watering.  I also potted up a couple of dozen courgette seedlings.  Next week, all the tomatoes will have to be done.  I hope the weather is better by then, or else I’ll have to sort out another propagator.  This can be done and will only take half an hour, but will only be needed for a couple of weeks and hardly seems worth it.

The Head is seeing a new side of me since I took on an extra responsibility and started to not disengage.  He looked slightly hmm when I told him that I’m not taking it at all personally.  I explained how I know – that is, I haven’t lost a minute’s sleep, unlike when there were the problems at my last school.  But I was a bit on edge at that time, what with one thing and another, and I’m blissfully relaxed now.

Encouraged by Ziggi’s example, I bent (straight-legged, of course, or that would be cheating) and touched my toes.  It wasn’t easy, I can tell you, which startled me a bit.  Even with a very dodgy hip, I could still touch my toes.  Of course, I haven’t been allowed to do so since my operation – I couldn’t even put my right sock on for more than six weeks – but I thought it wouldn’t be a problem.  I got within about 3 inches and thought that was it, but gravity managed to take over, like coming downhill from the moon (hmm)  and I did the deed.  I haven’t demonstrated this ability to the Sage, as I thought that once was enough for today.

Oh, and I’ve just got my hands on Al’s Christmas present – a blow torch for his beehives.  I shall give it to him for his birthday tomorrow and a contribution to his new beehive (a small piece of wax, perhaps?) as a bonus.  He’s not very easy to buy presents for, as he already has everything in life that he could wish for (Dilly).

11 comments on “Zwinds down for the holiday

  1. Z

    Bear in mind that I’m more than half dog, Mago,

    I think we’re sisters, LZM.

    That would be shocking, Dave – you rightly surmised that it was last Christmas, because he needed to choose it and he’s only done so in time for his birthday.

    Usually, Roses, if I want to touch my toes I do it in the bath. I could fall off a chair. As for Boy, he’s just showing off. Which I would, if I could.

    Happy Easter to you too xx

  2. Christopher

    This toe-touching is becoming catching. The acupunturist asked me to do it the other day, and like you I had no problem. A primary school maths ‘setting’ activity involves sorting kids into three sets, squares (where height = extended arms), rectangles (where height > extended arms) and gorillas (where extended arms > height.) Maybe with this gift for toe-touching we’re all gorillas in this little blogworld.

  3. Z

    You’re probably not at all surprised to learn that I got up and went straight out to where our heights are all measured on the wall and measured my arm span too. It seems that I’m actually a rectangle, which slightly disappoints me as I believed myself to be an hourglass. Gibbon would have been second choice.


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