So in addition to those sort of evaluations of people’s ‘types’ (that I daresay all you on Facebook do already), like being a Horse, a Bird or a Cow, or the physical ones like Ectomorph, Endomorph or Mesomorph, or else Apple, Pear, Banana or Hourglass for a woman, or else your learning type, known for short as VAK, which is effectively seeing, hearing or doing – Christopher now tells me that the length of your arms relative to your height decides whether you are a square, a rectangle or a gorilla.

It’s like that bit in Pretty Woman where it said that your forearm is the same length as your foot, and every woman in the cinema instantly checked it out.  That is – really? oh! who knew?

Anyway, I knew I had short arms because I’ve never bought a garment with full-length sleeves where the sleeves were not too long.

I shall leave you pondering these matters while I cook Wink’s lunch – she’s just arrived for the weekend.

11 comments on “Typical

  1. Z

    I know what you mean, Ziggi – but then, we could be squares.

    Ooh Dave, that’s a good one. If a little monotonous.

    I was slightly anxious that you might say “I macaque”, Rog.

  2. Christopher

    I do feel for you with all those sleeves you keep having either to roll up or to flype back, making lumpish cuffs that always work forward and make your wrists look most awkward – mine, anyway, not that I’m all that concerned, but I’m sure yours are models of grace and elegance.

    Happy Easter, dear Z. Where would we be without you?

  3. Z

    I’m afraid that grace and elegance are far from my usual appearance and demeanour. I’m very like I appear to be in these virtual pages. If only I could be like some others, bumbling and scruffy in blogland, but efficient and soignée in real life.

    On the other hand, I can’t think how I would be managed without. Whether as an example to emulate or a dreadful warning depends on circumstances.

    Happy Easter, dear heart.


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