Z’s on holiday

Just popped in to Wink’s local library to check emails – not that I can’t live without emails or blogging or anything like that, hem hem, but because I bought something on the Sage’s behalf a couple of days ago on eBay and I wanted to pay. I spent some patient minutes talking the Sage through reading emails last night but we didn’t quite get there – nevertheless, he was really trying (no, I only mean he tried hard) which is a first. It’s only taken twenty years. I’m slightly anxious that he might actually persevere, however, and take over the computer. I said as much to Wink and she agreed – ‘a computer is personal, you can’t share’ she said.

Anyway, all’s going well here and I’m having a most jolly time. Just off now to see friends in Somerset. Toodle-pip!

5 comments on “Z’s on holiday

  1. Sarah

    Glad you are having fun…..you need to hurry back though….the word is out Dave and the Sage are doing very little in the way of brick laying….me thinks they have been partying it up in your absence…LOL

  2. Z

    Well, yesterday I really did have to check emails, and today Wink has sent me out so that she can do the ironing in peace.

    Don’t encourage him, Dave, whatever you do. He can’t type too well so he’ll expect to dictate a blog for me to type.

    Sarah, I certainly hope Dave has found some entertainment while I’ve been away, since it seems that the Sage hasn’t been on the scene.

  3. sablonneuse

    What is it about men and computers? My husband has just about learned emails after months of calling me when they disappeared after he’d pressed send: “I’ve lost it – it’s gone again. Can you find it?”
    Fortunately he has his own computer but I find I have to share mine with my daughter . . . .
    Enjoy your holiday.


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