Z has no time

Sorry, I must go in five minutes. I’m just finishing off half a melon – I know that the Sage will eat the other half, but if I leave the whole thing he won’t even see it – and going to put washing on the line – again, he can be relied on to bring it in but not to empty the washing machine. I’ve recorded anything I might want to see on television in the next week – actually, that means the last of the 4th series of The Wire. I haven’t seen any of it yet; that is, of that series. I think it’s fabulous and wish that I still had a DVD recorder (that records onto discs, that is) so that I hadn’t had to delete them. I think I’ll buy the set, in fact – Ro will certainly be pleased if I do.

So, have a fabulous time while I’m away and don’t feel that you have to be good. If I have a chance I’ll drop in during the week but probably to leave a comment rather than a post as it always feels odd to blog away from home. See you next Monday.

8 comments on “Z has no time

  1. PI

    I’m ashamed to say that I still haven’t mastered my beautiful new recorder but #1 son and the teenagers are coming at the week-end so hopefully there will be deliverance.
    I tried with the manual but I don’t understand the language and I was a dab hand with my old simple one.
    I’m the simple one.

  2. A wildlife gardener

    I’m one of those idiots when it comes to recording things…my hubbie has to do that for me…

    I love how you leave out food…and little hints to the Sage…tee hee!

    Have a lovely trip… 🙂

  3. Z

    I’ve not bothered reading most of the manual – it seems to do it all for me. I quite liked programming it in manually because you could allow for the previous programme to overrun, now I quite often miss the last few seconds because something has started late. The Sage at least can switch our new television on and off and watch it; he had been quite intimidated by needing two remotes just to get anything at all. I agree. I liked it when it was simpler.

    He keeps phoning me – he’s missing me. I like to be missed, actually. Keeps us all on our toes…


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