Z is back in the library

I don’t normally blog when I’m away because I find other computers too distracting to use, particularly as they’re usually slow and awkward – not necessarily awkward in themselves, but fingers are accustomed to a particular keyboard and another one may have slightly different spacing between the keys. This one does, in fact, and my fingers feel quite cramped in comparison to using my usual spacious keyboard. However, they are lovely new machines and so reasonably unfrustrating to use.

I had a lovely time with my friends and their daughter, who is home at present for her teaching job in Uganda. Later they were going to a funeral so, with a few hours to kill, I went to Glastonbury and had a peaceful wander round the Abbey ruins and then bought two of the few non-mystic or new-agey books in the bookshop opposite.

This morning we popped over to see Bod (Wink’s fella) and his mum and I met Bod’s brother and sister-in-law who were visiting on their way to stay with friends. Wink and the Bod are talking about visiting Portugal in November and wondered if I’d like to come too? – I was happy to look into the idea and later on browsed through the brochure. I said what the two likely options for leaving dates – “the second date would suit me” said Wink. She rang Bod. Unfortunately, the earlier week would suit him as he’s go a lunch booked. So, which will prevail, his lunch or her concert? I didn’t particularly agree when she grumbled about his intransigence as I’d cheerily said I’d cancel my trip to the opera in her week and didn’t even mention, untl then, the two other social engagements I’d got, nor the one in the previous week.

Anyway, tomorrow will see a visit to Salisbury, so the old limerick will go relentlessly through my mind the entire day, and on Sunday Wink has invited friends to lunch. Afterwards, Bod may come round for a stroll round Stourhead, although Wink, who has had a very busy week, may want to put her feet up.

6 comments on “Z is back in the library

  1. Imperatrix

    Next time you’re in Glastonbury, do go up the road (after it curves, I believe) and pop in to the bakery called Burns the Bread — delicious pastries in there. Enjoy the rest of your visit with your sister. 🙂

  2. Z

    I’ll check it out next time.

    Don’t think Wink has anywhere to put a wall, Dave. I didn’t go up to the Tor – do wizards fly around there? No sign of a broomstick in the town anyway, although I must say the old abbey is in considerable need of repair.

    I seem to remember Alice got in trouble for beating time, Rog – don’t think I’d better show my face in Wonderland if I admit to killing it.


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