Z’s off

The good news is that Ro has found a program that is downloading files from my hard drive onto his computer, so if the worst comes to the worst, at least I’ll have all the stuff, like most of the photos and rather more other things than I care to admit to, that wasn’t backed up, even if it’s all relabelled and will take hours of sorting. This is a belt, braces and baler twine precaution in case we can’t get it all back as it should be.

Ro is being immensely kind and has taken a lot of time and trouble which I really appreciate.

The lecturer today couldn’t find where he was supposed to park because it’s a little side road leading to a private car park, and his SatNav didn’t recognise it. Although he had written instructions, he’s not the first person I’ve found to rely so heavily on SatNav that they can’t follow any other directions. We finally tracked him down and lurched heavily into the theatre at 11.05 for the 11 o’clock lecture. I nipped up on the stage, where Diane was entertaining the members, and explained and gave out the notices in so animated a manner that I managed to keep the lecturer waiting for a couple of minutes. He overran a bit and by the time of my vote of thanks I managed to lose the thread a bit and gave one of my less coherent utterances. I was exhausted by the end and I expect he was too.

However, I’ve packed, arranged to stay with friends tomorrow night, because I’ve got a day trip to London tomorrow (Tutenkhamun exhibition) and am off to Madrid on Thursday. I’ll be home on Tuesday evening, all being well. I have a remarkably small case, well under British Airway’s cabin luggage limit, and it isn’t even full. Somehow, I just don’t feel like having any unnecessary clutter.

By the way, if you’re waiting for a third mechanical thing to go wrong (car and computer), it already has. My daughter’s oven thermostat has gone wrong. In fact, her flat is falling apart (not literally, but there are several things) just nicely in time for her to have the bother of getting them put right before she moves out.

Have a good week, sorry I haven’t visited you all lately.


12 comments on “Z’s off

  1. badgerdaddy

    Have a great time. Not been to Madrid yet, I’d like to, so let us know what it’s like. Oh, and the Tut exhibition too – saw the posters on Friday and it looks wicked.

    Travel safely. x

  2. PI

    Safe journey! I’d love to see the Prado. We are away also – just a cock step to our favourite hotel in Instow. Pray for clemency (weather)

  3. Dave

    Isn’t it Tuesday yet? We are SO missing our daily razor-blading.

    (I originally mis-typed razor-balding, but that was a little too close to the truth.)


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