Happy Birthday Wink!

What I didn’t mention is that my car is out of action as well as the computer. It’s all a bit bothersome. There is, as ever, a good side to this, as I’m going on holiday, so I’ll have to leave the Sage to sort out the car and Ro the computer; that is, I won’t have to.

But enough of that – it’s only machines and it’ll be put right one way or another, although probably rather expensively. The important thing is my sister’s birthday. Yes, my lovely sister Wink is 60 today – she won’t mind me saying so as she has had major birthday parties and everyone already knows.

I was really sorry not to be with her this last weekend, though in one way it’s just as well, as undoubtedly my car would have broken down on the way. I missed an excellent party though.

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