Z’s friends

I’m feeling all loved up and sociable.  I’ve been asked out on Saturday, Sunday, have a guest for Sunday night, and am invited to stay with a friend for two nights next week.  And Roses has been here all evening – I bought a brace of partridges and was about to put them in the oven when she arrived home, so I invited her in for supper.  And then Ann phoned to offer to take me out for lunch when she and Mike are next in the area.  I have lovely friends.

I’ve not achieved a great deal today, but have had the burglar alarm serviced and have arranged to get new tyres fitted in the morning.  Neither was on the to-do list, but I reckon they count anyway.

I also renewed the Sage’s subscription to the Antiques Trade Gazette.  I hadn’t been going to, it had actually run out but I had a polite call asking if R wanted to renew – and I suddenly decided, yes I do.  So I phoned, explained the situation and they very kindly offered me a reduced sub as a technically new subscriber.  I can decide whether or not to continue it next year, after all.

Also tomorrow morning, I have a meeting with the school auditors.  Big girl’s pants there, I think.

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  1. Z Post author

    I am disturbing, John. You should see me in full chairman of governors’ mode. But I’d like to make it clear that I do not wear big pants.


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