Z and the auditors

Well, being the financial amateur there, not too much was expected of me, but I did know what I was talking about when I did chip in.  It went fine, we have a superb financial team and any questions raised were matters of what line to put a detail on, that sort of thing, not anything wrong.  I had to scoot out just before the end because I’d got someone coming to the house to pick up a piece of china.  I can’t remember (and can’t be bothered to look back, darlings, it’s Friday night and I’m tired) if I told you about that – a few weeks ago, I had an answerphone message for Russell, which is always a bit ouchy, enquiring about a piece of china that the chap had put in our final auction but which hadn’t sold.  He’d put several pieces in, this was an unsold lot, but I’m not sure why we were still holding it as the auction in question was June 2013.

I phoned him back and established what the piece was, and sounded a bit blank.  I couldn’t remember it.  I looked it up and the reserve had been £4,000.  Oh.  I really, really hoped I’d be able to find it … … … ah.  I had a sudden flashback to the week of Russell’s funeral, when I’d removed anything of any value from our cabinets and then put in general stuff to replace it.  I’d found this vase, been a bit puzzled that it had a lot number on it, and had put it in the strongroom.  And I went and looked and there it was.  So I phoned back – anyway, today he came and fetched it.  So that’s done.

I’m tired tonight.  I was late back for lunch but made a nice meal of smoked haddock fishcake, tomato and cucumber, and then had a lamb chop, carrots, mushrooms, tomato, leek, roasted garlic and potato for dinner, which didn’t quite fill the very empty spot so I added a choc-ice, ie a hazelnut mini-Magnum.  And then I had a couple of the little coconut, chocolate-covered macaroons that Roses brought through yesterday.  And now I’m aware that I’ve overeaten, so I’m drinking too much strong black coffee.  I should mention, however, that Roses turned down my offer of coffee last night, so i didn’t make it until after she’d gone home, and I slept very well until half past seven this morning.

What else today? Well, I had to have a new tyre on my car in August and was warned not to leave it too long before getting the others changed, so I’ve had that done.  I’ve also booked my car in for a pre-winter service.  Yes, it’s stuff I could mostly do myself, but actually I’m not even going to try.  I will pay the lovely garage people for the reassurance that it’s done properly.  And they will pick the car up and bring it back and I will feel looked after.  That really matters to me at present, which you’ll understand.

I also bought flowers for me and for Russell’s grave – I’m not too big on gravesides, I have to admit.  I feel no sense of presence there, it’s a matter of courtesy to keep fresh flowers and to visit.  Some people, I know, take great comfort from tending the grave and feel a sense of responsibility, but it just doesn’t take me that way.  I’d never willingly go for cremation, however, I hate the thought of it, for me or for those dear to me.

This is the concert I’m going to tomorrow, assuming I can get a ticket (shouldn’t be a problem, but I forgot to ring today).  After what I said the other day about finding I can’t listen to music easily, it’ll be interesting to see if I can cope with live music.

Pfft.  It’ll be fine.

3 comments on “Z and the auditors

  1. sablonneuse

    Phew; glad you found that vase after all this time. Had the owner forgotten about it till now?

    With regard to flowers, like you, I’m not one to visit cemetaries and tend graves but in France everyone takes flowers for Toussaints (November 1st) and the tombs look really lovely. The flowers usually last until November 11th when each village has a memorial for those who died in battle.There’s a procession to the cemetary and then we all go back to the mairie for a ‘Vin d’Honneur’ – in other words, champagne, brioche and a chat.

  2. Z Post author

    I suppose so, maybe Russell had thought he’d be able to place it after the sale so he kept it for a while, then it slipped both their minds. I’m just glad to see the back of it now.

    For some years, there has been an All Souls’ Day service at the village church for those who have been bereaved. I’ve often played the organ for it, but this year I’ve received an invitation. I suppose I’ll have to go, I don’t want to. Good idea to have a bottle of champagne in the fridge for afterwards, though.

    Thank you, Mago, I found that live music is quite a different matter to recorded, I was rather lost in my thoughts sometimes, but I was quite all right.


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