Humble pie might not taste good, but it’s the sensible choice

Sensible as ever, I emailed my solicitor and accountant and asked them to email me their letters.  Embarrassing as it was to admit I’d lost them, I’ve learnt over a longish life that just saying when I’ve made a mistake and asking for help is the best and simplest way.  And so now I’ve got the bloody letters etc by email and can deal with them and move on.  And they were really nice about it, so I’m still swallowing my pride but accept that it’s necessary.

The good thing is that I’m still quite with it, in regard to the school and the NSSA (it’s our vocational centre, I daresay it’s googleable and I am as a director of it, because I did so the other day) and so I don’t feel entirely stupid.  It’s been a day of meetings – I left the house at 10.40 and didn’t get back until 6.40, having had a board meeting, sat in on a school meeting, taken part in interviews and appointed a new head of department and been quite sensible throughout.  Mostly.  Darling Benje was on his own all that time, so I’m cuddling him in a big way tonight.

I didn’t write last night because a friend asked me round for supper.  And another friend has asked me to stay next week for a couple of nights, but that will depend on Charlotte being able to stay and I haven’t managed to contact her yet.  Yesterday morning, I went to a Nadfas lecture about John Sell Cotman, the Norwich painter, which was very interesting except that I suddenly switched off halfway through and found it very hard to concentrate, or even to sit there, afterwards.  It was challenging, as we say in school-speak.  I think I’m doing better than I am.  I’d meant to stay in Norwich and do some shopping, but I wandered round a bit feeling worse and worse, so I left after a while, and went off to a shoe shop on the outskirts.

That was a bit frustrating, darlings.  I found a pair of boots that I liked, tried them on and they fitted well in the foot but were too big on the calves.  But there were buckles, so I tightened them – but I’m fairly slim in the leg nowadays and making them fit meant that the line wasn’t right.  Then I tried a pair of short boots that I liked very much until I looked in the mirror, and then I was a lot less certain.  I really need shoes and boots, but there was nothing I liked quite enough, dammit, to pay quite a lot for.  So I came home with nothing except some Lapsang tea, which I can’t get in Yagnub.

Right, the positives –

I bit the bullet and now have the letters, if not the original.

I have arranged for my guns to be removed first thing in the morning.

Successful meetings and a new Head of department appointed and the new headmaster is still great.  I like him immensely and have a lot of trust in him.

I got another (tiny) thing done on the list.

I’ve been sociable.

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  1. Z Post author

    My guns. I’m licensed to hold eight guns. I’m basically Rambo.

    Until two months ago, they were Russell’s guns.


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