Z’s day is ending better than it started

Having examined the coding for each of yesterday’s pictures, I found that ‘full size’ had been interpreted differently each time, so have been able to correct it (though it would be better to have it small and click to enlarge, I have limited patience for this sort of thing, so the moment I’m satisfied enough, I stop).  I might even be able to get it right next time, or it might take a few more attempts, but I’ll crack it in the end.

The day didn’t start brilliantly, since I woke with a dreadful headache, for no apparent reason, and R went down first to discover that Ben’s bowels had gone awry again.  Kindly, he cleaned up because the effort of getting dressed and going downstairs made me feel so ill I had to lie down on the sofa.  I even swallowed some pills to remedy it, which only happens rarely.  But it all sorted itself out, I felt better and did a final extra re-wash of the carpet, R went out to the monthly auction in H’sworth, a few miles down the road and I went to do the weekend shopping.  Ro and Dora are coming for lunch on Monday.  Lamb tagine and profiteroles are on my provisional menu.

We were invited over to Al and Dilly’s house, which was lovely.  I took some plants – tomatoes and so on – for them.  We sat out in the garden while Hay played, but it was barely warm enough.  Edweena has been skulking in her bed of hay for two whole days now, not eating – well, I don’t think she has eaten anything, unless she managed a dandelion and some rose petals this afternoon.  She’s quite warm there, but not tempted to come out.

Tonight, we’re shutting Ben in the uncarpeted lobby.  I don’t think he’s right yet – well, I know he isn’t.  I had to wash him when he came indoors – sorry for even that, darlings, I won’t elaborate.  No idea what’s caused it, he’s not ill otherwise.  He’s on very short rations for a day or two.

Tomorrow – no plans at all, for now.  If the weather is better than today’s, some gardening.  If it’s still cold – well, I’m afraid it’ll still be gardening.  Unless I can think of something warmer to do.  What I really should do is wash the greenhouse – not indoors, the chickens are still in there (their new run is nearly ready), but the outside of the panes is filthy, they not having been cleaned at all last year.  But that’s a job for a sunny day.

3 comments on “Z’s day is ending better than it started

  1. mig

    Nutmeg had a delicate stomach which he frequently upset by raiding the neighbours’ compost heaps. I hope Ben is better soon.
    The sun is lovely here but it’s not very warm, I’m hoping for more warmth the week after next when we’re on the boat.

  2. 63mago

    Headache made me use pills on Friday, the weather changed.
    I think Ben is still young, maybe he ate grass. I hope it is just a temporary upset stomach.

  3. Z Post author

    He was fine last night, still on short rations but I think he’s over it, whatever it was.

    I think it was the weather that gave me a headache, it was quite oppressive. Fine today, hot in the sun this afternoon.


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