Let Roth eat Cake

Though I will start with sleep, because I didn’t wake up until nearly nine o’clock this morning – the point is not the time I woke, but that I hadn’t had hours awake in the night.  Kippy wrote an email and I woke once, clicked on it to read, fell asleep again before I reached the end (I fell asleep the other night in the middle of a messaged conversation with another blogfriend – maybe I’ve found the cure for insomnia!) and I slept right through the radio alarm.

The main event of the day was Roses and Indigo coming for tea, of course (links to their blogs in the sidebar).  We’d had a bit of Facebook badinage about the distance Indigo was coming and that quality Cake would be appreciated.  It was all in good humour of course, but it made me raise my game a bit from the jam Victoria sandwich that I might have provided.

I did scale down a bit from the cucumber sandwiches, éclairs and meringues that would have been on offer if I’d been in full flow (and if there had been more than four of us), but the scones with jam and cream, the cake with butter icing and the chocolate roulade made it to the table.  And it’s just as well that they did.

Before …

After …
That’s Indigo’s hand there. I made three pots of tea too.  I have no idea why the pictures are different sizes, by the way – they’re both ‘full size’ and were both taken with my phone.  We meant to take a picture of us before they left, but forgot.  But we looked replete, I assure you.

Thanks for coming, darling Roses and Indigo, it was lovely to see you and I had a great time.  Looking forward to seeing you at the blog party, if not before.

Tonight, Russell and I will be eating a light supper of scrambled eggs and salad.

UPDATE – managed to enlarge picture.  Still don’t understand why ‘full size’ was interpreted differently in each case, but no matter.

5 comments on “Let Roth eat Cake

  1. IndigoRoth

    Zoe, you’re a gracious host. And frankly, an awesome baker 🙂 I had a fab time, thank you x

  2. mig

    Wow! That’s more than merely cake! I would happily travel a very long way just to see them, though I wouldn’t be able to eat much.

  3. Z Post author

    It was great to see you, dear Indigo.

    Filled with chocolate mousse and cream – no, it didn’t!

    Mig, I ate something of everything, which isn’t something I do often.


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