Z is going to bed with her iPad

After a sharpish frost last night, this afternoon was warm and sunny and we got quite a lot done in the garden.  More to the point, the tortoises were much more alert and started eating again – one mustn’t worry if they go a day or two without food in cold weather, but it’s a relief when they get back to normal.  Once she started, Edweena found she was very hungry and ate artichoke leaf, echinops leaf, deadnettle flowers, rose petals, a dandelion and some cucumber. She also did a massive and healthy-looking wee, with the white stuff that means her kidneys are not having a build-up of *whatever might end up causing a kidney stone* – so that’s all right.


It was only half past five when we came in and settled down, but I felt the moment for a drink had arrived, fetched R some cider and myself a gin and tonic – I’d have had white wine, but I didn’t have any in the fridge.  I also fetched R a packet of crisps so that I could have a couple.  Ben rather liked the notion of crisps too and gazed hopefully.

I am so sleepy, I’m having a bath and an early night. I’ll catch up on your blogs soon, darlings.

6 comments on “Z is going to bed with her iPad

  1. mig

    I hope you slept well.
    Ben’s hopeful gaze must be almost irresistible! If he turned that look on me, I’d have to take my crisps away and eat them somewhere else – in a locked room perhaps.

  2. Pontillius

    I do the same every evening at 5.30pm. I relax in the big armchair with a rum and pep and a packet of salt and vinegar crisps, and have a “power nap” for about an hour. Then I’m ready to tackle the mountain of emails and comments, well, both emails and the comment on my page.

  3. Z Post author

    I’ve discovered my instinct for not having tv in the bedroom is well founded – having watched a couple of things on my iPad, I was wide awake for hours – but slept well in the end, thank you.

    The pre-supper drink is the best moment of the day, I reckon, Pontillius. But, whilst I do have an early afternoon zizz if I need one, I try not to sleep in the evening, I’s rather save it for bedtime. I’m way behind on emails and blogs at the moment, not sure when I’ll catch up with myself.

  4. Z Post author

    I slowed right down today and spent a leisurely hour with coffee and the papers!

    Well, I bet no one can resist you either, Scarlet!


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