Z’s day

The study was created from a little ante-room off a passageway, opposite the dining room, which used to contain cupboards for china, plus a small lean-to conservatory/back porch. Small birds can get into the roof space, and I often hear them scratching away. At present, there is at least one nest of bluetits, and I hear them cheeping all day. It’s one of life’s small pleasures.

On the other hand, when I went outside this morning, I was sorry to find a young fledgling thrush dead outside the porch. It must have misjudged and crashed into the window.

By the time Al left the house at 7.30, I was ready for some company, so joined him at the shop for an hour. The first customer arrived at 8, so it’s just as well he was early. There is such a demand for plants that I decided to sell some of the ones I’d reserved for ourselves – I think 12 sweet and 22 hot pepper plants is more than enough, to be honest (4 each of 7 varieties and 6 of another, which doesn’t seem to be popular, being a milder chilli).

After lunch, with which I drank a glass of wine with soporific intent (works better than lettuce, I find), I went and potted up chilli plants in a very hot greenhouse. After an hour of this, I was able to fall asleep with no trouble. I lay back in Tilly’s armchair in the study, put my feet on the piano stool I use to sit at the computer and slept for an hour and a half.

I have a churchwardens’ meeting tonight. The Rector is hosting it at the Rectory, which is very hospitable of her, and which means I don’t need to spend half an hour setting it up. I will go and buy more cucumber seeds (I was able to save 3 plants, but haven’t got around to sowing any more yet) and then spend another hour or two in the garden.

As soon as I’ve finished my tea and cake.

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  1. The Boy

    What a lovely sounding day. Yes, I’m a work and jelous of a mid day glass of wine and a chance to put my feet up. Definately jelous…


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