Wide-eyed and staring

I’ve lost the knack of sleeping. I’ve been waking around half past five or six for a while and since I’m rarely asleep before midnight and often up much later, it’s not quite enough. This morning, I woke at half past three. It was quite pleasant, watching the sky lighten and hearing the dawn chorus from the start – a pheasant was the first bird to wake – but I’ve had less than three hours sleep and I love to sleep.

I’ve eaten breakfast, tidied up a bit and I suppose there’s no reason not to paint on a cheerful face and start the day.

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  1. Wendz

    You woke at 3.30am and that’s about the time I finally managed to drift off to the sleep that eludes me at the moment.

    I, too, am tired…but happy. And it’s a beautiful day here…sunny, breezy and bright..perfect for hanging up the washing.

  2. martin

    I went through a stage of waking up every morning at 3.00am. It got very frustrating, there were no pheasants to cheer me up. Anyway it went away, and now I am back to log like sleep.

  3. Z

    I’ve just come in from doing that very thing, Wendz.

    Ooh, Martin, a photo!* I feel we are properly introduced now.
    I think it’s the change in temperature, the nights have suddenly got a lot warmer. It is frustrating as it’s just too early to want to get up. I’m about due for a real lie-in, but I’ve got to be up by 6 tomorrow.

    *Mm, worth looking at, too…

  4. Z

    Hello Ad – yes, I think a glass of wine with lunch would settle me down nicely.

    Sorry, anyone at work who won’t have a drink for another 6 hours – don’t want to make you jealous or anything…

  5. Z

    Lovely here still, Wendz – I might take that glass of wine out onto the lawn, with the last of the Polish cheese.

  6. Chairwoman of the bored

    Me too, Z.

    It’s always the same in the summer. Although I enjoy watching the world wake up, the birds singing, and then the first visitos of the day at the bird feeder (it’s usually a Robin, but if I’m really lucky, a Lesser Spotted Woodpecker comes).

    The problem is, that I have to wait for Katy or Dmitri to get up before I can have some coffee. Katy gets up early most weekdays, and as Dmitri works weekend nights at a West End club, there’s usually somebody to get me something between six and seven, but that’s a long time from 3.30am.

    As for La Fluffita, she sleeps soundly and elegantly on her sofa unless she’s having a dream. Sometimes she wags in her sleep, which I find extremely endearing, not really stirring until somebody comes into the room.

  7. PI

    The same thing is happening to me – up between 5 an 6am. Usually nod off after lunch but today went back to bed after my post.

  8. Z

    A friend, who has just had a hip operation and still has to sleep on his back, just rang and he said he was up at 3.30 too. There seem to be a few of us, staring at the dawn.

    I love it when a dog wags its tail in its sleep, or makes a running action. Tilly doesn’t do it, but Chester did.

    Coffee from a flask is a bit disappointing, I’m pondering whether it’s better than nothing. A flask of hot water and a small cafetiere? But you’re a coffee purist, I seem to remember.

    I slept for an hour and a half after lunch!

  9. The Boy

    Its that time of year. If there’s light, it wakes me. We have heavy curtains, but it still seeps around the edges. A few years ago I tried using eye blinds. Took a while to find a pair that “breathed” and didn’t make my eyes sweat, but it works a treat. Sometimes I don’t even wake up putting them on, just get up with the alarm to find them on my face.

  10. Chairwoman of the bored

    Pi & Z – I am not without fluid, I have many bottles of slightly flavoured water to hand, and yes Z, you are right, I do like my coffee, and would rather wait for fresh than drink it from a flask. I do appreciate you both thinking of me 🙂

    La Fluffita runs in her sleep too, I always wonder what her dreams are, but the wagging is particularly disarming, I’ve not had a dog before her that does it.

  11. Z

    I don’t draw the curtains, Boy, I don’t like waking up to a dark bedroom and not knowing if I can sleep again. I just have to adjust to early dawns. I like the thought of you groping your way out of bed with a mask on, this makes a splendid mental picture!

    Chairwoman, do you ever wake up laughing? I don’t often, but it’s the happiest awakening imaginable. I hope La Fluffita (great name for a big dog like a German Shepherd, it wouldn’t work so well for a little one) feels like that when she’s wagging her tail.

    The first fresh coffee of the day, aah!


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