Thirty-four today!!(!)

On 24th May, 1973, I didn’t think ahead to an anniversary when I’d be 53 and the Sage (though he was simply the Sprout then) would be, gosh, well, we don’t talk much about that. However, I never doubted that we’d get there.

And we have.

So what did I do? I went out for a jolly, of course. I didn’t take the Sage, but I did take Another Man, Darling Friend S.

When I arrived home, steak was sizzling and champagne was cooling. And, would you believe it (for I hardly did), a present was on my desk from lovely Stegbeetle. I’ve written, of course, but thank you Steg – I’ll enjoy listening to it so much.

I got up when I woke, at 5.30. Now, I know you hard-working types … er … Boy, anyway … think that this is half way through the day, but I am not accustomed to hanging out my washing at twenty past six in the morning, and I am a little sleepy and more than a little drunk. So the little Q Quiz I might have for you on my camera must wait until tomorrow.


10 comments on “Thirty-four today!!(!)

  1. Wendz

    Oh well done Z! 34 years…I made it to 7…so feel just a tad inferior sitting here..;)

    I hope you and the Sage still have loads more anniversaries…loads and loads and loads.

  2. Z

    We’ll try to stay alive, Wendz! I hope so too. Relationships are too complicated to be evaluated with labels according to length or even quality though, I feel fortunate rather than superior.

    And thank you both xx

  3. martin

    Congratulations !. The sage must keep you now, even Marks & Spancer don’t have a return policy that good…… and I think he knows just how lucky he is.
    Have a great weekend.

  4. The Boy

    Hurrah! It does indeed sound like a sure thing for the rest of your lives. Good for the Sage for properly cooling the champers as well.

    5:30 is not half way through the day, it is a perfectly acceptible time to get up and get to work. Nothing wrong with hanging the washing out at that time, do it regularly at ours!


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