Z’s back. Or maybe that should be z’s hip.

Well, that went very well. No drugged posting i’m afraid because the spinal anaesthetic went so well that I didn’t feel any need for any sedation. I was quite happy to be wide awake throughout and, as I didn’t need any recovery, I’d Recommend it. Sorry about random capital there, it’s a bit awkward.

I’m going to be got up later, I’ll report back.

22 comments on “Z’s back. Or maybe that should be z’s hip.

  1. Z

    It doesn’t take much to make me feel faint, so I don’t know if I will be up to walking, but I will stand.

    The banging felt like when you are holding a fence post for someone hammering it in. The sawing was less noisy than I expected.
    Not worrying, omelette, eggs – had to be done. It honestly was not unpleasant and I could have been sedated any time I asked.

    Thanks, Roses.

  2. Blue Witch

    Good grief! Hope you’re feeling OK and that the physios aren’t terrorising you too much.

    I hope no nurses took pics – heard on R4 at lunchtime that one got suspended for taking photos of operations and posting them on the internet! Although that was presumably without patients’ permission…

  3. Z

    I warned them of the fainting, felt faint but didn’t; sadly the nice chicken sandwich I’d eaten is but a memory. However, I stood and walked on the spot a bit and the leg bore my full weight, so I gained full marks.

  4. Z

    I’m fine, thank you. Very comfortable. The Sage popped over to visit which was a good surprise.

    I can’t stop thinking of Ziggi and what a dreadful time she had. I’m so lucky – so far, of course.

  5. martina

    Thanks for taking the time to give an update. The hammering would have made me a bit anxious. So glad all is going well. I’ll have a nice glass of sauvignon blanc tonight and toast to you.

  6. allotmentqueen

    So glad it’s all gone to plan. I’m starting to think you’re a bit of a fraud, getting us all worried and that, when clearly you’re more than capable of coping with some piffling little operation. (I jest, well done!)

  7. luckyzmom

    Holy quacamle’! I am so proud, but not the least bit surprised. I may follow your example with the anaesthetic since hearing how your experience was. Of course with all of us sending you good vibes you had to do well!! Wishing that your speedy recovery continues.


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