Z forgets to drink

The internet is even slower than usual today. Emails are so slow to load that the page keeps getting timed out and I have to start again. Just a bit frustrating. However, I’m nearly there and will soon be able to think about packing. I have made a start, this morning I put stuff on the spare room bed and removed the shop labels from the nightdresses and things, and it won’t take long to do.

Last night, I was talking to a High Powered friend, and he said that his daughter and family had spent a long weekend at Center Parcs. He’d gone for one night and, among other things, had played badminton with his grandson, who’s three and a half. He was quite impressed, the lad has a good eye and was able to hit the shuttlecock most times. “The stuttlecock,” he said – the lad hadn’t been able to get his tongue round the word and in the end they’d decided to adopt his version. “You can’t say words properly yourself,” the boy pointed out. “You can’t even say ‘path.'” It’s true. He says ‘path’ with a short a, but we’re all effete southerners around here and say ‘pahth’. I cracked up. He commands such respect, normally.

Because I had an evening meeting, I hadn’t had my meagre allocation of wine, and was saving it for when I arrived home. However, I got on with some sorting out of papers and it wasn’t until I decided to have an earlyish night that I realised that I was thirsty, and then that I hadn’t had anything to drink all evening. I made a cup of tea instead and drank it in the bath. Bahth, that is, with a long drawling a.

I’ve got three letters of appreciation to write to teachers – well, emails – and one about a meeting to a committee, and then a couple of personal ones. Then, you know, I think I’m going to switch the computer off for a few days.

‘Course, there’s the iPhone. Heh.

Oh, I nearly forgot – I expended £2 on 4 oysters and successfully opened them without severing a knife or my finger. And I’ve eaten a few brazil nuts. I’m just so obedient.

16 comments on “Z forgets to drink

  1. Four Dinners

    Hope you had a nice bhath….

    I’ve spent 32 years in’t south trying to get southerners to speak proper English!

    Should have stayed in Oldham…;-)

    Have a good rest babe x

  2. Z

    Now, you know, if I moved up north, I’d think it was only polite to use the short a. But it never happens when the migration is southward!

    I’m going to be waited on, hand and foot (literally, I won’t be able to put my own socks on!). Won’t it be splendid?

  3. mago

    “… meagre allocation of wine …”, even ” … saving it …”, shattered I stand in awe …

    Anyway where I stand in what, my best wishes: Good Luck, Z!

  4. Z

    I eyed the good glass-and-a half worth still in the bottle and resolved to drink it this evening.

    The Sage dropped the bottle. After he had removed the cork. He hastily righted it, but half of the contents was on the kitchen floor.

    I could just have a small dram of whisky, don’t you think? I’m allowed food and drink until midnight. And I’ve written all my emails.

    Thanks for the good wishes, dear Mago.

  5. martina

    Hope all goes splendidly and you are back blogging and emailing us with updates very very soon You know how we all worry so do post soon or have Weeza do an update please

  6. Z

    You are so lovely, Martina. Thanks, I will.

    Oh yes. I did turn the computer off last night. I turned it back on again this morning.

  7. Z

    Kick off at 10.30. What the Sage did is a post in itself. It’s a good job I know what he’s like.

    I’ve had a line drawn on the right thigh in black ink, which augers well. And the spinal rather than general is agreed and I can be as awake or as doped as I like.

    Is it normal to be this cheerful?

  8. Z

    I’m so dedicated to you all that I’ve taken a photo of the arrow on my thigh. Chop chop, yes indeed.

    No cheap batteries for him, indeed. He’s the headmaster.


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