Z is Perfect

My BMI is, at any rate. My blood pressure and heart rate are excellent and everything else is fine too. It’s worth spending £80 on a visit to an anaesthetist if she’s going to tell you that you weigh exactly the right amount.

She’s also advised foods with plenty of vitamin C, selenium and zinc. Mm, veggies, brazil nuts and oysters. Could be my favourite diet.

As long as I don’t turn out to be a carrier for some nasty superbug, all is on track.

22 comments on “Z is Perfect

  1. Z

    Mm, garlic. Excellent.

    My daughter lived in Greece for a while. When she finally came home, she said “I now eat anything, including goat, but hold the feta cheese and olive oil until I get them out of my system.”

    I’m going in for a hip. BW, not a complete personality change!

    It’s an excellent diet isn’t it, LS? Delicious and not fattening, if I don’t overdo it with the nuts. The fish stall will be on the market tomorrow, I’ll see if he has some oysters.

  2. Z

    Well, it’s not that I’m not quite *cough* sturdy… but at least it’s within the ‘normal’ range.

    My blood pressure received praise too. I don’t usually get all these compliments. Though once a nurse, sticking in a needle to get some blood, said approvingly “You have got good veins.”

  3. martina

    All of that hard work exercising and riding the bicycle paid off. Good for you Z! Just as we thought,you are practically perfect in every way. Would you please have Weeza post on your blog to let us know how you are doing?

  4. Ad

    Well done, is this anaesthetist administering for you too? I know a couple of fantastic anaesthetist ladies, was/is yours of the fairer sex too?

    BTW, if they should testing you for the superbug thingy, it’s usually a very long cotton bud rubbed up a nostril or under your armpit, nothing too distressing, at all.

  5. Z

    As Mago suggests, I am rather hoping to keep in touch myself, but if I don’t feel up to it I’ll certainly ask Weeza to. Yes, the thought has occurred to me too, Mago -writing a post on the iPhone while not quite co-ordinated will be something to look forward to.

    Yes, they did the test Ad and I’d have thought they’d have been in touch same day if there were a problem.

    Lovely to hear from you, Ephelba – does that mean you’ve posted? I’ll have a look. Ditto Dandelion – thank you. And thank you all.

  6. Dave

    I’m sure Rog (who is poorly at the moment, so obviously won’t come here to spread his germs) would like me to say ‘Hip, Hip, Hurray!’.

  7. Roses

    Good luck tomorrow honey.

    I hope it goes well.

    I’m jealous. Whenever I go to see anyone medical there’s always a lot of tutting involved.

    I will be thinking of you.

  8. Z

    Still got quite a lot to do before I pack. I expect I’ll write a short post later though.

    Kind and lovely people have spent half the evening phoning me, which I hadn’t quite allowed for in my time plan.

    *Time plan* – heh heh. Still, the Sage is stuffing envelopes for me and I’ve only 4 or 5 emails and a text to write.


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