Z has another New Toy

Something cropped up yesterday that meant I had to spend a couple of hours at the school this afternoon. Then I wanted to fill the car with petrol, so I had to go and spend £40 at the co op to get 4p per litre off. Petrol is shooting up in price, isn’t it? It’s a shocking price. It would be more than £5 per gallon without the offer.

It was really foggy this morning – I didn’t leave home until after 10, but it was still quite thick. Because of that, it wasn’t until I was driving around the multi-storey car park that I realised I had very slight fuzziness in my sight and I hadn’t put in my contact lens. My sight is borderline for driving, so I wasn’t actually illegal, but it’s remarkable that I didn’t even notice. I never had time to put it in all day. I had to go straight back from Norwich to the meeting, with no lunch, and then I was given a lift to this evening’s meeting. I thought I’d got two clear afternoons, but it hasn’t worked out that way. Tomorrow, I’ve got a two-hour assessment at the hospital and then meetings in the afternoon and evening, so I can’t see myself packing then either. I had a text from Weeza, suggesting we meet up during the week, but I don’t think we’ll have time. Never mind, we’ve got all the time in the world next week. Well, I have.

I was very excited to receive a parcel this morning – my latest treat for myself, a Magic Mouse. Don’t blame me for the name. It is a delight. I’m ever so happy with it. Although I think that’ll be it, as far as presents for myself are concerned, for the time being. I shall revert to my usual cautious ways. It has been fun though. I have not had as much pleasure from a new toy in years as with the iphone. And I’m quite content to hang on to a car I’m not fond of, serviceable though it is, to make up for the extravagance.

Weeza was very fed up when she took Zerlina to the toddler class at the swimming pool. It’s supposed to be no more than nine children, plus a parent for each. But there were several more than that last week, which they said was a one-off, and today there were fourteen. They all have to go in the same area to receive instructions from the – er- instructor, and there isn’t really room for twenty-eight to line up and everything has to be said twice, to left and to right, and the children are getting chilly and bored. And then, afterwards, they all leave the pool together and there are only four changing rooms with a nappy changing table. There was a seat where Weeza took little z, but it was broken so she couldn’t be strapped in while Weeza got dressed and she went and toddled into the shower where the floor was wet. Weeza had a run-in with them last year because the bins were only cleared once a week and were always overflowing with used nappies – once she’d finished with them, they agreed to have a second clearance, but Weeza’s had enough now. She’s tired of complaining and she doesn’t want to go there again. She’s going to ask for her money back. Zerlina loves the pool, but they can go to another one, although she doesn’t want to commit to classes further away.

I only had a spare few minutes to glance through blogs this afternoon, I’m so sorry not to be visiting many of you. Hope all’s well. And if I owe you an email, that might take a while too.

6 comments on “Z has another New Toy

  1. Z

    Thanks, darlings.

    It’s true, Dave. I’d be passing it round the family saying “who on earth is this from? We don’t know anyone called Jack, do we?”

  2. Earthenwitch

    I’m with Weeza – that’s really not on, is it? That sort of class set-up always seems to take the piss, in my (limited) experience. I think they see the word ‘toddler’ or similar and just think they can take advantage.

  3. Z

    She has sent a stiff email of complaint saying that she’s been told too many times that it’ll be right the next week and now she wants her money back. They just don’t seem to get it – it’s not the difference between 9 and 14 babies, it’s all the adults too. And small children get chilled easily and getting dressed with a toddler in tow isn’t easy at the best. Just not on. Weeza is as assertive as me and slightly stroppier *so I expect she’ll get what she wants.

    *Yes, I know! How can anyone be?

    I’ll know who to blame if not, 4D!


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