Zoë fails to draw 6 – a horse of a different colour

What a contrast from yesterday’s effort. I tackled the horse picture and I loved it. I dashed it off in about 20 minutes at most and, though it’s got a lot of faults, I had few rubbings-out and enjoyed the process.
So, what made the difference? For one thing, it was a horse and horses make me happy. For another thing, I could sketch it fairly quickly and I wasn’t too worried about being precise. Broken lines, gentle strokes of the pencil seems to be the style I’m less afraid of, for now.

Turning it over and looking again, I can see that the horse’s face could be given much more definition. I’ve made an attempt at shading elsewhere and I think that I might try to improve this, if I can bear to revisit it. In fact, the more I look at it, the more there is to criticise – and yet, I am not inclined to. And the forelegs aren’t bad. The horse’s weight is on his left leg and the angle of the raised leg isn’t far off. Pity I didn’t do his lovely head justice, but never mind.
I’m sure it’s apparent that my effort is the third picture.

7 comments on “Zoë fails to draw 6 – a horse of a different colour

  1. Z Post author

    Well, I thought I was pretty appreciative of my efforts, not hard on myself at all. It’s not over-critical to observe what I need to improve, it’s vital. But thank you all for your kind words – and hello and welcome, Vivian.

    Do bear in mind that this is an upside-down copy which, surprisingly, is easier to get a good result from than if you’re doing it the right way up. I haven’t yet drawn anything well. I’ll crow when I do, believe me!

  2. dinahmow

    Zoe…as a sort-of separate exercise, print a copy of his “lovely head” that you thought had not not done justice. Now, try shading, to _ oh, what am I saying! Don’t do anything I/we suggest. Stick with the course.
    I’m the one who’s rubbish at following drawing instructions!

    1. Z Post author

      I might do that – not that the original is precious in any way. I’ve also thought of trying the drawing the right way up.


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