Zleeping zoundly

I took the weekend off. I suddenly realised how tired I was, so have just been relaxing, computer switched off, going for walks and not doing much at all. I’ve not got a lot on this week – well, not until the end of the week, anyway, and then I’m going to be fairly occupied for some time, so this is a chance I wanted to take.

And last night, finally, I slept really well. It was lovely. Although I woke three or four times, I was able to drop off again without needing to distract my mind from too much thought by reading or playing games on my phone.

It had taken an effort to unwind that much, though. A few nights ago, I lay for hours and, every time I started to drift off to sleep, a random thought popped into my mind, within moments it had led to a whole train of thoughts and a minute later I was wide awake. And then, the only way I could distract myself was to start reading a book and half an hour later, when I put down the phone again and settled to sleep, the same happened again. And so, being the sensible Z that I am, I decided to clear my mind completely so that there wouldn’t really be anything to think of.

I have to acknowledge, mind you, that I have been checking emails on the phone, but only a couple of times a day and I’ve only replied to those that couldn’t wait. Otherwise, I’d have worried that something might crop up that I should know about.

Anyway, it’s worked. I will cook a nice, soothing meal tonight, probably risotto, because just the gradual adding of the stock and stirring of the rice is a pleasure, I’ll have an early night and hope that I’ll sleep again, and then I’ll be able to get back to my normal self. If normal and Z are words that sit well together, that is.

11 comments on “Zleeping zoundly

  1. Sarah

    Ah yes, risotto is my ultimate comfort food and it’s not the eating of it but th emaking of it which relaxes me.

  2. Blue Witch

    As I say to parents whose kids are out of control, “Who rules in your house? If it’s not the adults, do something about it.”

    I have a suspicion that technology might be ruling in yours…

    Waking in the night and playing games on one’s phone, or reading, is not a positive thing, it can become a habituated behaviour. And it stimulates areas of the brain which are not conducive to resuming sleep.

    Just a thought, not a criticism.

  3. Z

    I switched it off, BW. And if I’m relaxed, I don’t need to read. I agree, it keeps me awake, but so does lying there worrying. Not that I’ve anything to worry about, but that’s not how it feels in the middle of the night.

    Risotto was delish, darlings.

  4. Four Dinners

    Having just recovered from Man Flu – which is medically proven to be far worse than Woman Flu – I haven’t been zleeping much at all – but I have been saying zleeping cause my nose is bunged up…

  5. Four Dinners

    By the way….26th May sounds good…Maximus Wriggly Kitty Spittimus asks “Are you nuts?…4D??? Really???”

    Although he does accept that as Caz would be present 4D would be (relatively) subdued…;-)

    (He would also be honoured)

    Mail me @ fourdinners@mail.com with the details babe.

    Well chuffed

    4D xx

  6. Z

    It’s true, Dharmabum, one can forget how to relax.

    Brilliant, 4D, I’ll get in touch. And of course, Man Flu is worse than anything a woman can suffer from.

    We’ll keep each other company then, John love xx


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