You know I said how I wasn’t doing any clothes shopping this winter? I went to the dentist and then on into Norwich, just because I was nearly there already and there was something I did need to buy.

I no longer lack new clothes. Of thirteen garments tried on in three shops (one of the shops was back in Yagnub, mind you, I was on a roll by then), I bought eight of them. And that doesn’t include my venture into the underwear department. Mind you, I didn’t mean to include underwear in my complaint about clothes shopping in any case, because I rather like buying that.

I remember a while ago reading a complaint on someone’s blog about the difficulty of buying cheap bras in larger sizes in the country where she lived, which I think was Spain. And I was a bit puzzled, although I didn’t comment. The comments seemed mostly to be from people who refused to pay more than a fiver for a bra, and I didn’t get it. I’m not saying that you have to pay whole lots for one designed or endorsed by a *name*, but surely every woman needs to get fitted properly and be prepared to spend enough to get something that’ll do its job? Preferably, that’s pretty enough to make her feel good about herself, of course.

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  1. georgie

    5 pounds? That is about $7 U.S.? I was shocked the other day when shopping and the prices started at $20 and all of them were ouchy underwire. Last year the prices at the same store started at $12.

  2. Blue Witch

    I’ve oft complained about the difficulty of finding white, functional, bras that fit – at any price. And if I do find one, they’ve hardly ever got more than one in my size in stock.

  3. allotmentqueen

    As my daughter will now testify only too well, the trouble with cheap bras is that they don’t last and rarely fit properly.
    Whilst you might not mind “top” clothes not lasting too long if they’re likely to go out of fashion and so you wouldn’t want to be wearing them forever, the same doesn’t apply to underclothes which aren’t subject to the vagaries of fashion.

  4. Liz

    Do you find that advice from so-called qualified bra fitters varies massively?

    I have been known to pay as much as £29.00 for a bra. I have only found one style by a certain manufacturer that fits me properly and if I want to be even remotely comfortable I have to put in the effort to find it in my size. That said, I have found it easier to get a good bra since I put on some weight about 15 years ago. When I was really skinny (in my early to mid 20s my weight was sometimes as low as 7 stone) there was very little choice for the smaller lady. British bra manufacturers definitely cater better for big girls.

    I would love to go to that posh bra shop in London (Rigby and Peller) to be fitted for a bra, although I hate to think how much they charge.

  5. Mike and Ann

    Used to tell my youngsters that when you find a garment that is absolutely right for you, and if you can afford it- BUY IT THEN. Because if you wait till you need a specific item and go out looking for it, you’ll never find one that is just right.
    Generally speaking, though, I think it’s easier for blokes anyway. Over thirty we chaps don’t have to worry about fashion. Actually, for both sexes, it’s probably better to forget about fashion altogether and concentrate on style. Not sure any of that’s going to help much. Just waffling.

  6. Z

    I wrote a lengthy reply and Blogger just ate it. Grr. Can’t do it all again. But will say that the best fitters are those who look at you and tell you your size rather than those who need to measure.


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