Not blogging makes the Z forgetful

Sorry, loves, I didn’t give blogging a moment’s thought yesterday. That is, not until I was already in bed and, since I’ve stopped using the phone in bed at night for now, I didn’t want to get back into bad habits quite yet.

It’ll all change soon though, I’ve got a meeting tomorrow evening and another one on Friday afternoon so I’ll have to get ready for those. I didn’t tonight though, because I came over to Weeza’s house to babysit this evening and I’m staying overnight, then out to lunch tomorrow in Norwich.

It has been interesting, though, to realise how much good switching off can do. Not just switching off the computer, because I don’t think that was causing the problem and I’ve still dealt with emails in any case. But taking evenings off, reading books rather than documents, going for walks.
It looks as though 26th May is the definite date for the party, because no one has said they can’t make it and all the other possibilities do not suit at least a couple of people. So, although it’s far too early to make firm arrangements at your end (ends, indeed), please put the date in your diary if you would like to join us. There will certainly be some people who haven’t yet met any of us, and at least a couple of non-bloggers, as well as partners of bloggers, so don’t let that deter you. And you’re very welcome to stay over, as long as there are enough bedrooms.

6 comments on “Not blogging makes the Z forgetful

  1. lom

    It does you good to walk away from the computer and do things you never seem to have time for because you are always on the computer, if you get my drift.

  2. Pat

    I’ve been away too but anything but relaxing – more blue arsed fly stuff.
    BUT I did keep up the scrabble – more than some folks:)

  3. sablonneuse

    As I’ve said before, I admire you for posting so frequently. I tried to start again but now WordPress won’t even let me logon -says my blogname doesn’t exist “Would I like to register it?” Bah- humbug. I’m simply going to put all my favourite blogs in a bookmarks folder and come and read from time to time.

  4. Blue Witch

    I think it’s just too easy to become a slave to technology rather than the other way round.

    Computers are also ever so good as avoidance techniques… something you don’t want to do? Just read a few blogs, then the BBC news website, and, oh look, a few more links and whoosh, a whole morning has gone past, no time to do what one sat down to do after all.

    Here speaks the Voice of Experience.

  5. Z

    Your blog is certainly still there, Sandy. How odd.

    Sorry Pat, I turned off the computer and I can’t get Scrabble on the iPad. I restricted online activities to answering essential emails and a small amount of reading.

    You’re right, BW, Mago and LOM, although I tend to use blog reading as a reward for having done some work, not in advance. And recently, I’ve had to do a lot of ‘mark all as read’ because I haven’t had time, although I always glance through my friends’ blogs.


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