I had relied on jet lag and heat exhaustion suppressing my appetite, at least for the first couple of days. *Unfortunately* is hardly the word except insofar as it relates specifically to that, but one way or another, I am rather resigned to gaining quite a few pounds while I am here, growing out of all my clothes and having to return home in my sari as it will be the only garment that expands to fit.

In short, I’m fine, enjoying myself and the food is delicious. We spent much of yesterday with our friend K, her daughter (who is getting married) ate with us although coming and going: on one of her comings she brought her fiancé so we have now met him too.

Today we hired a car and driver and sightsaw our way around parts of the city. I hadn’t realised it was as long as seven years since we were last here – its understandable that there have been some changes. Free wifi at the hotel for example – I didn’t bring my iPad in the end but it would have been a good idea to. The roads are incredibly busy, more than ever – but thinking about it, it’s the type of traffic that has changed. And I suspect that it indicates increased prosperity – very few bicycles nowadays and a huge number of motorbikes. Still the auto rickshaws of course but even they, though much the same in design, are more modern – newer, anyway – than they used to be. And I’ve only seen a single old Ambassador, the Indian Morris Oxford, the cars are all new.

Tomorrow we move from this hotel to the Madras Cricket Club, where we will be the guests of K (I kept my previous MCC temporary membership card for a long time but it was eventually used as a bookmark in, presumably, an unfinished book) and I don’t know if the wifi will be available. It’ll be great, K’s sisters will be there too so we can catch up on their news.


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  1. Blue Witch

    Sounds wonderful.

    How hot is it?

    Mr BW also always remarks on the changes in transport in the Far East when he returns from business trips (much less frequent these days than they were 15 years ago).


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