From the departure lounge

It’s simpler to blog than to add a comment on the phone – thanks for your comments, the Sage is going to reply to the wedding invites and I’ve mentioned it to Dilly too so she can remind him/check. Belt and braces Z to the end, you see, even when I forget something.

Wink managed to fit in a job interview on her way to the airport – I’m not the only multi-tasker in the family as you see – and she will receive the result by email in the next couple of days, so we will be online. I’ve promised the Sage emails, anyway.

By the way, a note for anyone getting a new hip and having to decide what it’s made of, take into the equation that you will be stopped at security every time if there is any metal in it. My china/polymer/titanium jobbie is fine in every other regard. I take the view that it gives me patience and enables me to have a pleasant chat with the security woman.

Be seeing you, darlings.

Zoƫ xxx

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10 comments on “From the departure lounge

  1. PixieMum

    We await a “What I did on my holiday in India” presentation at the party.

    Meanwhile, enjoy yourselves, don’t worry about the folks back home, I am sure you have trained them well.

  2. Z

    Hello everyone. Just off out, I’ll write a post tonight. Absolutely lovely here, we feel so at home and it’s great to see our friends.


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