Z remembers what she had forgotten

There is indeed always something. Ironically, given that I am on my way to a wedding, I have just remembered that I didn’t get round to replying to either of the two wedding invitations sitting on my desk. I shall have a word with the Sage and ask him to see to it…yes, I say that doubtfully. I’m not sure that replying to wedding invitations is quite his bag.

I can’t remember ever going to three weddings in as little as four months before. Well, four and a half months. Fortunate that I bought a new dress for the first one and that none of the guests will be the same for either of the others. My wedding outfit is secured already.

Otherwise, I finally managed to get the work done, I think. I emailed the Nadfas minutes out with a couple of hours to spare before I left. After that, I went and bought Al wine for his birthday (happy day, Al), wrote a letter of condolence to a friend whose husband has just died, unpacked and repacked my suitcase – it is absurdly heavy. I succeeded in removing a pair of sandals, a pot of body cream, a jar of deodorant because I’d managed to pack two. The case is quite full because I’m taking presents, but they’re mostly not heavy. Maybe the case itself is. Anyway, I’ll be returning with it half empty, unless I am persuaded to do a lot of shopping. I can’t think of anything much that I want though, except a particularly gorgeous cardamon flavoured halva that I buy every time I go through the departure gate at Chennai airport. I know of no other place to buy it. Just as well, perhaps. If I had a steady supply I should eat it every day.

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