Z thinks about packing

I’ve got to iron some clothes, but I think I’ve got more than enough draped all over the spare bed.  And I’ve bought the final bits and pieces, including an unscheduled purchase of a swim suit because I can’t find mine.  It’s rarely used, I’m lamentably afraid of water.  I don’t mind getting in, being splashed, putting my head under water – I just can’t be out of my depth and, frankly, prefer to hold on to the side just in case.  Like Dumbo and the feather.  I rarely go more than knee-deep in the sea because there’s nothing to hold on to.

Oh dear.  I didn’t intend to mention my stupidest fear.  I’ll deal with it one day, I promise.  Half a century is already too long to be afraid for, now I’ve written it down I’m halfway to pulling myself together.

Everyone in the family will be here for lunch tomorrow, Ro phoned to confirm this evening.  Brilliant!  I’ve made lasagne, they can phone when they are leaving and it’ll give me half an hour to put it in the oven.

I still have typing to do, darlings, please excuse a short and uninteresting post.  I’ll try to make up with it with PICTURES! when I get home again.  I’ve got my camera charging right now, so that I can thrill you all.  But there will be at least one more post before I go, probably two.  Because I’ll miss you most awfully.

8 comments on “Z thinks about packing

  1. Blue Witch

    Have a great time.

    If you’re planning to use your phone while you’re away, have you arranged a special data plan for use abroad? Someone I know ended up with a bill for not very much use in Asia of over £1000. Just thought I’d mention it…

  2. mig

    Oh I’m quite excited for you! Looking forward to the pictures already and to hearing all about it. I’ll miss you too while you’re away but will imagine wonderful things for you anyway. Have a WONDERFUL time and don’t worry about the water – surely you won’t have time for swimming, there will be too many wonderful (dry) things to see : )

  3. Z

    I’m not planning to use my phone, thanks. I’ll email home but, although the family has my friend’s home number, they’ll only ring if there’s a problem.

    Better a landrover than a searover, Rog.

    When I went with Weeza, the first week was very busy and it wasn’t until I totally immersed myself in the hotel swimming pool in Kerala that my legs regained their normal size – alarmingly puffy! I’ve been to Chennai several times and seen around, I’m very happy to spend the first few days before the wedding relaxing. The odd pedicure and head massage isn’t out of the question.

    Thanks to all of you xxx

  4. Z

    Thanks, Marion. I’ll blog from the hotel tonight, no doubt. Ran out of time last night – but I’ve done those minutes and emailed them. Yay me.

    Off to catch my bus now. Toodle-pip for now xxxx


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