Make do and mehendi

Indeed, that’s what is on the cards for today. Mehendi – that is, having one’s hands painted with henna in celebration of a forthcoming wedding.

Wink and I have just finished our breakfast of masala omelette (with onion and chilli) and toast and jam, with tea. We forgot to ask for black tea so it arrived mixed, that is, the milk already in it. It turned out to be coffee anyway, so no matter.

Our friends’ relations all arrived yesterday and there was a party in the evening. Huge fun. I started with a beer and then asked for a glass of water, thinking to pace myself. I said yes please to ice (made with pure water, don’t worry). Half a tumblerful arrived, which seemed a modest quantity. I sipped. Neat vodka. Me and my accent. I went and asked for it to be topped up with water. The waiters looked confounded – surely some mistake, I didn’t have enough vodka? Finally, one indicated a bottle of 7-Up. I accepted it.

It was warm and humid, I think the laughter and dancing sweated out the alcohol. I stuck to soft drinks after that, admittedly, however.

Returning after midnight, the driver took us to the Madras Club (where tonight’s reception will be held). “No, the Madras CRICKET Club” we chorused. “Where is that?” asked the driver. We four Europeans were dismayed. Marina and Maja had only flown in that morning and were exhausted already. Luckily, the mention of a socking great cricket stadium gave him the clue and he found his way here.

I’ve been catching up on some blogs – sadly, trying to type in Macy’s wv introduced a glitch and thereafter I haven’t been able to type in any comments other than the couple I had already left. So, sorry darlings, I may have to lurk. And there won’t be much time even for that in the next couple of days – it’ll be party all the way!

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6 comments on “Make do and mehendi

  1. mig

    Looks like, sounds like ….
    I was trying to make a big effort not to be jealous but I am. Masala omelette for breakfast, and indian partying. Wonderful.

  2. Z

    And that was as far as I could type before it stopped working. I don’t mind iPhone typing, BW, but Weeza doesn’t much like her touchscreen phone (not Apple) and is going back to a pull-out keypad. Sorry Mig. I’d be jealous too. The Madras Club tonight. Party on, darlings…


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