Zed lazed

Rose came over yesterday. She’d been in Norwich for an appointment and had missed lunch. I’d already had mine, but fed her on Baron Bigod and toast. Then we had a cheese and spinach soufflĂ© with salad for dinner and she stayed the night.

During the afternoon, I got to grips with some of the old papers from a bookcase I want to remove from the study. I’ll have to replace it with something, but I hope I’ll find a smaller one and can swap. There’s so much furniture in this house that it is always possible to do that – though otherwise I’ll find one in Tim’s house. The eternal shortage of bookcases means that I probably will keep most of his. I do need to be rigorous about getting rid of some books, though. Mine rather than his, I suspect.

Wink is coming home tomorrow and I’ve been lazy. There’s a very good supplier of Indian food, who started up a small business a few months ago. He delivers on a Friday or Saturday only, for you to reheat the meal at home. The basic meals are four dishes, one with a meat portion (always chicken, though a lamb dish is available as an extra) and one with a vegetable curry, then there’s a dhal and two other vegetable dishes, plus raita. Once you’ve opted for ‘carnivore or herbivore,” there’s a list of supplementary dishes. We’ve had them several times, they’re good home rather than restaurant cooking, which is a compliment without insulting a good restaurant. One meal serves 2-3, it says, though we always found it was ample for the three of us, without adding extra rice or whatever, so Wink and I will eat some of it tomorrow and I’ll freeze the rest. I was going to make toasted cheese for lunch, because that’s my default lazy lunch nowadays, but I pulled myself together and fried aubergine, shallot, pepper and tomato with some halloumi instead. Apart from starting a sourdough loaf, it was the only non-indolent action of the day.

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  1. Scarlet

    I’m with you on the book purge – I have a book storage area under beds, which is just wrong, as my shoes also need to go somewhere!
    I just need to be a little more ruthless and get rid of a lot of stuff.


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